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Alex Cade has been making music since birth. His father introduced him to different genres. Being such an early creative Cade’s music began to exceed the limits of just rap. Moving from Detroit to Seattle and trying to make music helped Cade instill new habits from other creatives and new friendships. The rapper’s first full body of work which dropped in 2017, “Regional Influence”, expounded on that idea. It is hard to classify Cade’s music as traditional hip-hop, and his latest single, “Woosah”, taken from the EP “For A Reason”, is no exception. He spends equal time between rap flows, and melodic harmonies which he delivers at the top of his lungs in a joyous manner.

Alex Cade is great at spontaneity. His mic presence is charismatic and energetic, his style is unpredictable, and his songs can give the impression that they were recorded in one take in the heat of the moment—that’s what makes them so special.

The song’s production by is hypnotic, filled with emotive guitars and elegiac keys, and Cade uses it to lay down some technical gymnastics. Unsurprisingly he doesn’t sacrifice the flair and experimentation of his best tracks in any attempts to prove he’s a rapper who can flow with the best of them. His style calls for much more.

Furthermore, Cade just happens to have more charm and rock star swagger than anyone else aggregating hip-hop’s current trends into their music. And if you run through his EP or back catalog, his fusion of genres is prominent. Cade stretches his voice and flow on slower to mid-paced tracks to create a melodic pop sound. In the same space, his animated vocals twist in a way that is reminiscent of R&B.

Amongst the white noise of the mumble rap debate, Alex Cade’s efforts on a solid project do not go unheralded. As we dive into the first half of 2019, his sound and appeal make this the perfect time for him to make his move into the mainstream. In a relative sense, he presents a sort of family-friendliness that his peers lack.

By and large, there’s also a meaningful difference in his lyrical content. Cade’s narrative on “Woosah”, is perceptive, personal, and even humorous, which many will find captivating because it’s non –threatening.

Alex Cade’s ability to appreciate the every-day sh*t around us and turn it into poetry is nothing short of astounding. He claws his way under your skin, and soothes the pain with huge melodies and a slightly tongue-in-cheek nature. The more I think about it, the more a track like “Woosah” makes perfect sense.

Cade’s songs just build and build, getting more melodic and intricate as the song goes on, and on top of that his wordplay is ridiculous too. It’s quite clear that Cade has a unique, distinct sound but, more than that, he displays his artistic freedom, the freedom to not stick to one melody or sound.

The way Alex Cade approaches his tracks uncovers his originality and provides us proof as to why he consider himself more than just a rapper. As it stands right now Alex Cade is positioning himself to be one of the front-runners of the new generation of urban artists.


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