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The youngest of seven children, Aniyah Simone’ began singing at the age of 6. Growing up in a musically oriented family and surrounded by singers and musicians she participated in school talent shows and singing contests. While watching TV she would harmonize to different songs on commercials and movie scores. “Music and singing helps me escape any problems I may face or issues going on around me,” says Aniyah.

The EP cover
The EP cover

If you’re anything like me, and you wonder where all the good music has gone, aghast at the ever-increasing paucity of deep meaningful soul and the ever-increasing dominance of superficial, gimmicky R&B, then this EP entitled “Fantacy Edition” by Aniyah Simone’ might reassure you. Aniyah’s lineage is not only clear in her warm vocal tone, style and phrasing but also in the kind of music she chooses to make.

The EP opens up with the bouncy and emotional “Fantasy”, a clear depiction of how intense the singer’s feelings are in her relationship. The track sets you up for the masterpiece to come, “Love is Addicting”, with its soulful and seductive concept. From lyrics to music, the arrangement is flawless. Just dim the lights, and let this leave you gasping for air.

“Guitar” will pull you to your feet and get you grooving to the catchy hook. But while the mid-tempo rhythm is addictive, Aniyah Simone’ sends chills up and down your spine with her powerful singing and intimate lines. The transition is perfect! The coyness and sexiness continues on the part track, “T.G.I.F”. What I like most about the track is how cute and fun it is, yet still keeping things intimate with the listener. Aniyah stays controlled, while teasing us with those ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, breathy moments.

Aniyah Simone'
Aniyah Simone’

The realness of this EP never lets up. Not even once. Each song is substantial and solid enough to stand on its own as promotional singles. What I like most about “Fantacy Edition”? The songs make me feel like I’m floating in love with a permanent smile plastered on my face. There’s nothing more captivating than a soulful ballad with honey-like singing accompanied by soothing melodies. And this EP contains just that. Not to mention the mid to up-tempo songs that could be the ultimate anthem for relationships or dance floors everywhere.

This EP is just that impactful and gritty. If you’re looking for a sultry and well-produced R&B/Pop album, not to mention the tasteful delivery of beautiful and incomparable vocals, then “Fantacy Edition” is the one. I don’t think I have to stress on the talent of Aniyah Simone’ too much, you can easily pick that up just by listening to her. But if like me, you’re only now catching on, then you’ve also been missing out big time.

However, “Fantacy Edition” is a good way to start appreciating her signature sexy sound and perfect harmonies. Aniyah Simone’ is giving us more on her latest release in terms of where she is currently and how much she’s grown as an artist and woman, since she first started singing at only 6 years-old!


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