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Anthony Vince is a musical artist from Chicago, IL. His latest release is “Like This”, reminiscing about a past romance, the song blends alternative rock and R&B/hip hop into a fresh new sound. “Like This” is the first single from Vince’s upcoming EP set for release in October. The track is the perfect crescendo of melody and energy to cap off the album. Vince’s vocals and his flow immediately punches through the beat and evolves cohesively throughout the song.

Sure to have fans of both the forward thinking hip-hop tandem as well as those just looking for a beat that bumps, Anthony Vince brings forth a track that doesn’t disappoint from any aspect and is a must listen to any fan of the alternative Hip-Hop and rock world.

Despite the crunchy and distorted guitar nature of the production, the beat allows the focus to be placed on Vince’s vocals. Fortunately, he does not disappoint in this area, delivering his melodic motifs while constantly flicking through his repertoires of rapid vocal flourishes.

He also shows that he can whip up a strong hook. Offering the listener a collection of instantly memorable lines. He flows through the chorus with razor sharp precision, adlibbed with harmonic yelps to ensure the song ingrains in the listener’s brain.

Anthony Vince’s mellifluous wordplay and extensive flows never seem to settle throughout, putting him on a different level to the majority of singer-rappers, and solidifying his position as one of the shiny newcomers to the crossover urban-rock scene.

Right off the cuff “Like This” is undoubtedly the point in which Vince could easily go mainstream. Out of the flock of new artists that have come out in recent years, Vince is one of the most unpredictable, and easily one of the most ear-worming. He could take his sound in any direction – rock or hip-hop – and he wouldn’t seem out of place I either.

Vince has got more than enough melody, commentary, energy, smart lyrics, and unique flows in his bag of tricks. Moreover, what makes Anthony Vince so special I think, is that even if he has a verse or chorus that isn’t particularly gold, he makes it pure titanium with his voice.

He has such a captivating way of delivering his verses that it becomes impossible to dislike. With that being said, weak lines are pretty impossible to find on this track. I envisage “Like This” being blasted from speakers all year long from hereon.

It’s really hard to fault this track when it comes to crafting together a big time banger that straddles the borders of diverse genres. All in all this track serves its purpose to perfection. It is punchy, ideal for bumping almost anywhere, and keeps Anthony Vince’s name on people’s lips for when he takes his next conceptual multi-genre plunge. “Like This” exhibits pure chemistry between music and voice.


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