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Attxla is a singer/songwriter/producer based in Houston, TX. His sound combines elements of Pop, R&B, Electronic, and Ambient music to create a unique sound that allows listeners to form a deep, personal connection with Attxla’s longing, inquiring, and lovesick mind. His first single debuted in 2018, and his current project, a full-length album entitled “Ebb” is now available on all major platforms. This is a beautifully produced, complexly layered, completely integrated album–it holds together, but each song is distinct. And it gets better with each listen. No, let me rephrase that: Beginning to end this album is phenomenal to say the least, actually it’s more than that, “Ebb” is amazing, innovative, creative and any other word that is positive.

Songs like “Feel It”, “Deep Sea”, Anneal”, Doldrum”, “Sway” and more, are the reasons why we listen to music. Everything is so on point and perfect on this album from the production, vocals, lyrics and more they all perfectly mesh well and create this unity and cohesiveness that just makes you think how somebody actually got around to making an album like this.

“Ebb” is easily the most interesting underground R&B album I have heard during the last five years, hands down. What makes Attxla so distinct from the saturated market of R&B artists, is his artistic approach to his music. Yes, many R&B artists talk about love, loss and longing – the typical norm – however, Attxla as an artist, takes these themes to a whole new level – both musically and lyrically.

“Ebb” is one of those rare albums that lets listeners delve into the artist’s psyche, and thankfully Attxla is an interesting person to listen to. He does not succumb to the pressure of making typical “let’s make love” songs or “get up and dance”, and his lyrics are much more poetic and meaningful, than the average genre release.

Right from the opening song, “For Him” the songwriter demonstrates his storytelling ability; Attxla lyrics contain plenty of substance, filled with imagery that are neither corny nor cliché. The creative breadth is complimented by the vibe, which is casual and conversational despite Attxla’s ambition and prodigious skill.

Almost every song on “Ebb” contains at least one breathtaking moment: unearthly falsettos, impassioned crooning, and unexpected melodic flourishes. Attxla is never trying to sing you off the map. His virtuosity is fluid, natural; it’s working in service of emotions and stories. The same is true of his writing, which remains mysterious and ripe for interpretation.

Even the understated, intimate moments on the album, bring all of these qualities together in remarkable ways. The combination of vocal skill, lyrical ambition, and stylistic musical versatility makes Attxla unique.

He moves through the world at a palpable distance that his most famous contemporaries can’t manage. In the end, “Ebb”, is an album in that exceeds all expectations. It is probably the most ambitious independent R&B album 2019 has to offer so far, and should definitely be heard.


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