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Washington State Singer-Bassist, Billy Ray Rock, plays more than 10 instruments and produces and performs every instrument you hear in his music. From Rock to R&B and Dance, Billy delivers them all. His single “Get The Funk”, simply adds another delicious flavor to his sonic menu. His unearthly bass chops, resonant vocal wobble and inner funk DNA is scorching hot, while it straddles the genre’s trademark grooves. Blaring horns and slapping drums accompanies the party-styled adlibs, as the track treads its momentum.

If you’re looking the glossy high-tech dance-club funk perpetuated by bands like Chromeo, then this is not the track for you. On the other hand if you’re an aficionado of James Brown, Roger Troutman, or George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic , then welcome to the club. “Get The Funk”, is funk, plain and simple. The track is beautifully retro, hitting up all the classic tenets of funk as if it’s going through a checklist.

“Get The Funk” is a beautiful celebration, a tightly created party jam. The horns, bass, and percussion all work together perfectly, devolving into an amazingly intricate rhythm. It doesn’t sound over-played or trite, but instead sounds wonderfully familiar. Billy Ray Rock could have released this at any point in musical history, and it sounds would fit era.

It’s always tricky to balance a classic sound while still finding a way to make it seem bright and fresh. Thankfully, Billy Ray Rock succeeds. The lyrics are peppered with plenty of genre references, and a who’s who list of famous funkateers, which combines perfectly with Billy’s funk sound.

This track sounds amazing – no gloss, just groove. It’s edited and arranged perfectly, letting all the individual pieces shine forth while still having a coherent whole. A lot is due to the tight songwriting as well as the sound continually pushing forward. If “Get The Funk” shows anything, it’s Billy Ray Rock’s perfect understanding of the genre.

More than anything, though, “Get The Funk” delivers pure, unpretentious music, overflowing with the joy of creation. Bristling with zesty verve, it is a timely and welcome reminder of funk’s place in popular music. The song shows Billy Ray Rock’s masterful ability to mix and match musical instrumentation in the name of funky grooves. Musically, it’s the kind of mix you expect from an artist as eclectic as Billy Ray Rock.

Overall, “Get The Funk”, which is taken off the album, titled “Bad News”, is a glorious statement from Billy Ray Rock, at a time when organic music is an absolute rarity. The artist has pushed his creative boundaries to come up with a contemporary funk-rock record which never forgets its roots. The surefooted tempo of “Get The Funk”, gives a platform to a beat, which cannot, and should not be resisted. Put it on next time you have a party.


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