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Born in Brooklyn, New York, rapper Boog, born Anthony Saggio, began his music career at a very tender age while still in New York. At the age of 14, the young musician moved to California on his own, to live with his aunt. He also spent time in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he did a number of shows with well-known rappers.  Boog eventually started his own recording group, dubbed The 7, from where he draws his stage name, Boogfromthe7. The crucial number 7 is drawn from the area codes of the cities that were central to his career – New York, Las Vegas and Northern California.

Currently the hardworking artist is flaunting his latest EP entitled “Audio Assets”. This is a concise, upbeat yet somber experience that had me playing it from start to finish several times. Boogfromthe7 can be both devastating and sweet at the same time, and proves that the hardest kind of writing is the honest kind. The new EP spiritually and creatively, further consolidates the composite elements of the rapper’s creativity into a unified whole.

The blend of music, from “Poppin’ Rubberbandz” and “Trap Bezos” to “Asthma Attack” to “Always Collect”, is seamless and unpredictably dynamic. The production is lush but also light in its touch, as are the vocals, which unpack tough ideas in low, raw and visceral tones.

Engrained at the heart of Audio Assets, explained the rapper, is a set of encouraging words of advice to self-starters. In sharing these parts of himself, Boogfromthe7 arrives at his purest, most compelling artistic statement, which is a stab at the caliber of songwriting achieved by titans of the genre.

Open arrangements such as on “Trap Bezos” to “Asthma Attack” allow Boogfromthe7 to focus on his ever more fluid vocal runs and storytelling which he executes perfectly. Even when a cut moves quickly, like “Always Collect”, it gives Boogfromthe7 ample room to breathe.

Though these tracks are brief, and the EP is almost over before it starts – which of course leaves you wanting more with baited breath – Boogfromthe7 sounds like he has stepped into the artist he was always aiming to be. From the first to the last track, he sounds like he has harnessed his magic.

There’s nothing but wisdoms and warnings dripping from Boogfromthe7’s every word on this recording. Lines are delivered with confidence and conviction. This is Boog’s wakeup call to fellow rappers to take up the challenge of beating their own paths to success.

It reminds us that he is a forward-thinking and focused songwriter, as he wows us with musical reveals and impressive turns. Though his lyrics may be gritty and biting in places, there is always light popping through his raps.

This is the sound of an artist flourishing, which makes the material particularly easy to take in. Gauged from the distance of a set of banging speakers, Boogfromthe7’s poeticism and vision on “Audio Assets” appear far-reaching.


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