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Rico Nevotion is a one of a kind artist. He has opened for nationally known artists such as Celine Deon, Beyoncé, KC & JoJo, Silk, Anthony Hamilton, Donell Jones, Michelle Williams of Destiny Child, and many more. He has toured places like Japan, Mexico, Dubai, South Africa, and London, as well as most states in the US, packing out venues with numbers some of his peers were unable to achieve. But the biggest surprise is the fact that Rico has done all of this without a major recording contract. The award-wining R&B artist paves his path with a street team, word of mouth and his recent role as a radio personality.

Rico Nevotion blends R&B, Soul and Hip-hop, and channels it through his raw talent that no-one else in the business has right now. His album, “Bad Chapter In A Good Book” forges these values and so much more – richly upholstered, melody-drunk, full of emotional leaps from rapturous delight to debilitating despair.

Rico’s commitment to the genre of R&B, his dedication to his fan base, and his well-rounded artistry is laid bare across the 12 songs that make up the album. Furthermore, the crooner has called in a surplus of excellent features to ensure that there are no dull repetitive moments.

Though Rico Nevotion’s musical blend is very much in the now, he is still here to remind us when R&B music was about singing? When lyrical content meant something. When it was true to its name, rhythm and blues. Rico is here to remind you of that simpler, better time. And he does it right from the opening heartfelt track, “Diamond in the Rough”, with its gospel and spiritual tones.

On his more contemporary tracks, Rico produces music that would fit in easily on today’s radio stations. “Love Your Soul” (feat. Jb the Jaw Breaker) has a dancehall tone, “Tell Me What You Want” (feat. Book Money & Ihesha) showcases rap verses, but the album really shines when Rico plays the part of a classical R&B crooner.

“My Kind of Love” and “Only You” falls into the latter category, and as such what you will find here are smooth harmonies, emotional depth, and some truly epic runs to Rico’s vocal prowess. The melodic apex arrives with “Nobody Else” (feat. Rxmedy and “She Like It” which gives Rico space to sing his butt off.

It’s not often that you can point to an album where the production and performance are firing on all cylinders throughout, but it happens on “Bad Chapter In A Good Book”. “How Many Times” (feat. Killa Kai) is specifically designed for urban radio programmers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The final three tracks – “Aw Yea” (feat. Mista Maeham), “This Ain’t No Relationship” (feat. Selph) and “I Don’t Want to Be Here” (feat. Sippizone) – are cut from the same excitable urban cloth that will have you on the edge of your seat. Rico Nevotion takes the R&B game to a whole new level with these pieces.

When it comes to the lyrics of this album, Rico seems to have poured everything from his heart and soul, which fills the recording with real emotions and feelings. This is not the synthetic microwave music that’s saturating the airwaves today.

This is the perfect combination of new sounds with the old. Its musical blend is like a perfectly mixed cocktail. “Bad Chapter In A Good Book” by Rico Nevotion is for listening to anytime, anywhere.



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