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New Jersey rocker Chris Luciani, founder, and leader of the hard rock band LUCIDITY, and his label Precision Records recently unveiled the a brand new solo side-project for the artist. “ANOTHER WORLD” is the eponymous debut single from his solo album of the same name, which was made available on July 29th, 2022. The song features earnest, searching and deeply heartfelt lyrics, with an impeccable vocal performance from Chris Luciani, who instead of asking the age-old question “Is there really anyone out there?” goes one complete step beyond and cynically presents a more unsettling query: “Is there really anyone in here?”

The questions launched in this song are powerfully pertinent, as Chris Luciani takes a deep look at his daily life experiences, and recognizes that we all need to persevere and be strong to conquer the hideous adversities the world keeps throwing in our faces.  “ANOTHER WORLD” will no doubt catapult Chris Luciani to new heights. The track manages to distill everything great about his artistry.

There is no musical meandering on “ANOTHER WORLD”. The explosive energy that makes rock so infectious, invades the track from the opening bars. At the same time, the song arrangement uses the soft-loud aesthetic to perfection, as it builds up an aura of melodramatic tension before the erupting into the anthemic bridges and choruses. Tracks like this don’t come very often and the band behind Chris Luciani deliver a solid, mature sounding performance.

Chris Luciani broadly bucks at the establishment, singing of how the common person is repeatedly threatened by forces beyond his control and continually having to rally against injustices and struggles. There is a lot of righteous anger and imagery simmering on “ANOTHER WORLD”. Driven and full of venom, Chris Luciani delivers an incendiary vocal interpretation, which he knows how to take down a notch in the verses.

Musically and vocally, “ANOTHER WORLD” is on point, as Chris Luciani and the band accomplishes everything they set out to achieve with this record. It’s ambient, aggressive, epic, and never displays a boring moment. The blend of ferocity and melodic flow Luciani and the band achieve here is stunning. Of course, when you are armed with songwriters and musicians that are this good at song craft, it all seems fairly easy.

Lyrically, Chris Luciani is a cut above most artists and bands in the genre as well. His subject matter is absolutely revelatory for the time we live in currently, and together with his vocal performance, “ANOTHER WORLD” is a perfect embodiment of what makes him such a distinct artist. During this track you get to see every piece of Chris Luciani’s artistic puzzle come together. I have a feeling this is what most fans will find out very soon.

Musically, “ANOTHER WORLD” carves a path for both viciousness and beauty, sounding vibrant with an echoing rhythm, as the guitars craft out amazing riffs with an untangling solo to keep it balanced. It has a dynamic sound that awakens the heart and quivers the ears. Played out with rawness and power, “ANOTHER WORLD” hits a nerve. It possesses a thrilling, atmospheric and gloriously robust sound.

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