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Comatose Red Ivy is a remarkable artist, known for her prowess as a transgender rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her journey began on a fateful day, precisely on October 16, 2020, at 5:43 am. Poisoned by her ex-not-boyfriend and left for dead, Comatose Red Ivy emerged from the ordeal with a renewed sense of purpose. The artist became an enigma, living simultaneously in both the real and fictional worlds. In her existence, she was surrounded by alter egos, split personalities, and a vast number of emotional-altering characters. These diverse personalities interacted with her, shaping her art and lending a unique depth to her music.

Initially, Comatose Red Ivy’s releases were shrouded in dark and deeply depressing themes. However, that all changed with the release of her single, “23 JORDAN SALUTE.” The track paid homage to Michael Jordan and the Jordan Legacy, marking a significant shift in her sound and style.

Comatose Red Ivy’s music now has taken another 180 degree turn and boasts an intense, aggressive, and energetic rhyming flair, replacing the deep staggered melancholy flow that was once her signature. The artist has transformed her approach and focused her artistry, embracing a new creative direction that will win her legions of fans.

 “I have finally found me, glad to be living happily, over somebody poisoning me and still steadily stay rhyming. I exclusively do rock music now,” states Comatose Red Ivy, who, as a rapper, writer and vocalist, is also actively looking for a band. She’s free to travel anywhere in the USA. Interested parties can connect with her via Soundcloud. In the meantime Comatose Red Ivy has dropped the single, “Eat The Beatz (Track After Track Freestyle)”.

Consistently Comatose Red Ivy has shown himself to be a technically proficient and interesting rapper, who can both freestyle or rap her written work. On the new track she is doing the former, and having a ball in the process, as she works her way across a bone-crushing metal backdrop. Comatose Red Ivy, who deploys an arsenal of vocal styles, and nuances to make each of her songs unlike any of her previous ones, once again moves into a different musical zone here.

Comatose Red Ivy is now in full rock mode, and letting her resonant voice run right across the driving flow of the music.  While the overdriven guitars are dense, complex and oblique Comatose Red Ivy nevertheless hammers her way to the forefront of the arrangement, relying on the sheer bloody-mindedness her drilling technicality to slice through the middle of the bombast.

Every chord, and every note on “Eat The Beatz (Track After Track Freestyle)” on is meticulously carved to detail a textured metalcore world ripe for exploration from the rapper. Comatose Red Ivy’s performance is wholly transportive and hammers home the earthly, freestyle quality she brings above the blasting beat. Her innate knack for dramatics shine as strikes up a number scattering phrases with frequent shifts in tempo and intensity to match the seismic production.

The music of “Eat The Beatz (Track After Track Freestyle)” hits you like a blow straight to the core dealt by a true heavyweight. Raw, primitive, and glorious, this single is both charmingly brutal and exceptionally beautiful.


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