Derric Gobourne Jr. – “Supremacy” – A statement of intent!

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Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Songwriter and Producer, Derric Gobourne Jr. is a 19 year old New Jack Swing artist from Sarasota, Florida. Derric started performing at the age of 5 after seeing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. A self-taught piano, bass and guitar player, he started writing songs in the 2nd Grade, which has ultimately led to debut album, “Supremacy”, which he wrote, produced and arranged. Known for his flashy clothing and electric live performances, Derric’s overall goal in life is to become the greatest entertainer of all time. The story of Harlem in the late ’80s is engraved in hip-hop lore. The crack epidemic was at full force as the center of Black culture revivalism became synonymous with urban decay. Under these conditions, a young musical prodigy named Teddy Riley was steadily gaining attention with this new rhythmic sound. In a 1987, writer Barry Michael Cooper christened Riley’s sonic concoction the ‘New Jack Swing’ and it wasn’t long before the new sound became a movement.

New Jack Swing ruled the charts in the late ’80s through the early ’90s. It was the era of Air Jordans, Starter jackets, high-top haircuts, and crazy dance moves that all became a way of life. Street rap and grunge took over as the New Jack Era met its decline near the mid-90s, but the music never really went away.

It still bangs in the club and powerful echoes of its heyday era can be heard in records like “Supremacy”. Derric Gobourne Jr.  keeps it funky fresh with New Jack Swing rhythms and flavor throughout.

Whether you’re a curious and casual fan of Derric’s or a ride-or-die hometown supporter, anyone listening to the twelve tracks will hear the authenticity and the ambitiousness that Mr. Gobourne Jr.   pours into the project. Not only did he produce and write all but of these selections, he explores relatable relationship topics with his synth and bass-laden manifestos.

The opening title track “Supremacy” is a fiercely funky statement of intent to friends, family and fans, as he sings: “I will do what I do, to make it to the top.” The next track keeps the pace the pace going in the same direction with “She Make Me Feel Good” forging some tight rhythms and harmonies.

“I’ve Got Love” pulls out the rich horn arrangements, running basslines, and Derric’s smooth baritone which runs the range. “Call You Tonight” keeps the drums banging and the tones smooth as honey. “Never (Have) I Needed Anyone” offers one of the album’s more vulnerable and compelling moments – a ballad that recounts longing with Derric’s falsetto articulating the point.

“Up and Down” featuring Knowledge Austin is another funky dance-floor destroyer, before switching to the mid-tempo melodic pop groove of “Jay Handleman”. This is as close as you get to Michael Jackson in his early heydays.

Quite a few selections here prove that Derric Gobourne Jr.  can certainly, given the opportunity, hold his own against of his New Jack peers that once dominated the airwaves. These would certainly include “Only If The Mood Is Right” ft. J Hunter the Wolf, “Love Don’t Live Her Anymore” and “Colours” ft Breeze2yakneez. While in the middle, “Stay With Me”, brings us another relentlessly smooth mid-tempo ballad with all the necessary bells and whistles.

What “Supremacy” has going for it are the songs, the production, and of course, Derric Gobourne Jr., swinging the right mix of braggadocio, bravado and seduction throughout the album. Of course, he can do whatever he wants, he’s running the New Jack Swing genre all by himself now!


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