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Few Miles South was created by South GA raised, Blake English, and Los Angeles native, Tori Lund. The two met in 2014 singing and playing in a LA church and bonded over a shared a love of country music. Tori is a classically trained singer. She grew up playing her family’s piano and quickly picked up the guitar. Her love of singing led her to complete a Masters of Music degree, but after graduating she realized her heart wasn’t in opera. Resigning to teach piano and voice, she sidelined her dream of performing, until she met Blake who encouraged her to write. Blake comes from a family of guitar players and songwriters and was raised on rock, country, and rhythm & blues. As a multi-instrumentalist with a keen ear he moved to LA in 2000 and signed his first publishing deal. He has since worked in his studio as a writer, producer and engineer all over the genre board. Some of his credits include Toni Braxton, George Benson and a Grammy nominated album by Brandy.

In February 2018, Few Miles South released its 5-song debut EP, “Might Could”, which features their friend and renowned pedal steel guitarist Bob “Boo” Bernstein (Tanya Tucker, Emmylou Harris, Dwight Yoakum). I’ve always been a bit of a closet country fan and this band has what it takes to stir up and make me want to get out of the closet for good.

The attention to detail and creativity is over the top. From beginning to end, this record drips class, talent and truth. No hype or trash here. Every song with a message, and a real zinger for your heart on “What’s Yours Is Mine”.

Few Miles South consistently make individual tracks sound distinctive while highlighting the songs’ massive hooks and Tori Lund’s powerhouse vocal turns. The high-tuned, guitar and banjo figures that run down the opening title track “Might Could”, play off a sinewy, scorching rhythm track.

And, while many contemporary country producers are quick to bury their genre signifiers, Blake English actually foregrounds an impossibly catchy banjo riff and a pedal steel in an arrangement that couches its standout hooks in some butt-kicking Southern rhythms on “Jojo”.

The fiddle playing on the mid-tempo “Walking to The Moon”, and the overall barn-stomping vibe of “On Down The Road”, are likely to win over many staunch traditionalists who have turned away from the genre in recent times.

Few Miles South is extremely mindful of country-music conventions that’s always in service to their songs. “Might Could” is sure to excite the genre’s dedicated fans and lure some new faces into the fold, as well. Its 5 tracks encompass a package that is multi-layered, well-produced, and wonderfully-crafted.

When tuning into the final track, “What’s Your’s Is Mine”, you really must note that in a world of auto-tuners, Few Miles South are a rarity; Tori Lund can actually sing. This is a project that will, if a revolution ends all technology, not lose a single night of sleep over their abilities to craft a truly sonorous tune.

In addition, from start to finish, this is a collection of addictive melody, relatable lyrics, and upbeat, positive attitude. On “Might Could”, Few Miles South show their ability as songwriters and performers to have a pulse on songs that truly leave a mark.


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