Endless Interstate: “New Fire” – front-to-back beautiful, melodic and emotional experience

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Hailing from Midcoast Maine, Endless Interstate, comprised of former Liquid Daydream members Matthias Sampson – Vocals, Christian Muccino – Guitars and Jordan Warsky – Drums, brings more than 20 years of making music together to create an elegant spectrum of music with deeply thought-provoking lyrics that will touch places deep within the human heart.

endless-interstate-400Endless Interstate, have a brand new album on the way – “New Fire”, which is set to be released during March. We took a preview listen to the album’s 11 tracks recently. The vocal dynamics and songwriting abilities shine all the way through this album. From the opening sounds of “Scratching The Surface” which starts the album with great sounding promise through to the eloquently beautiful “Wake Up” and the intensely rhythmic title track “New Fire” to the swampy “Paper Tiger”.

Despite the obvious rock, post-grunge and alternative influences noticeable on first listen, Endless Interstate has a fresh and unique sound all their own, because they add in a whole set of varying ingredients. Moreover, Matthias Sampson uses a sharp pen in his writing and he has one of the most soulful and expressive voices in music. He practically bleeds on songs like the up-tempo rocker “Let It Out”, the soaring, captivating and lilting “Wishes & Dreams” and “From Where I Stand” my two absolute favorite tracks on the entire album.

“New Fire” is a front-to-back beautiful, melodic and emotional experience – but mostly it’s a musical experience. There are varied, musically interesting songs, some of which happen to be gut-wrenchingly gorgeous.  The truths contained within the lyrics are timeless, while the emotion within Matthias Sampson’s singing is heartfelt.  Pack that on top of Christian Muccino’s sapient guitar work and Jordan Warsky’s acute timekeeping, and this is soul-stirring stuff.

Endless Interstate sounds like a new band with an old soul…or is it an old band with a new soul? Either way the music is creatively brilliant, incorporating anything and everything, and sometimes almost nothing to achieve the desired effect.  Endlessly playable and emotionally charged, the album combines a soft acoustic lull to some hard rhythms, creating the perfect environment to manipulate your emotions.

Endless Interstate has a unique feeling to their sound, which shines through on this album. It intertwines itself with the lyrics and songwriting of Matthias Sampson and Christian Muccino, pushing them to the next level, making this album sound even more incredible than it already is.

Endless Interstate is also releasing, “Scratching The Surface”, “What I Recall” and “One Time Around” as singles. Each of these songs is a beautiful work in and of themselves, but “New Fire” in its entirety will be listened to long after the initial buzz has been diluted following its release. Listen closely and you will hear some of the best vocals, lyrics and some of the most captivating alt-rock musical imagery around.






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