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Born and raised in New Zealand, Rosaye moved to Sydney Australia with her family when she was 14. Exposed to a diversity of music genres she has always loved singing and performing. She wrote her first song at 15 and was hooked on the buzz and therapy that the songwriting process gave her.

She later spent a year in Melbourne and recorded a number of songs at a local studio. During 2014 she worked with producer Tim Carr and recorded her debut single “Letters” released January 2015. “Letters” is the first of 4 singles to be released over the coming months, culminating in the release of Rosaye’s Debut EP due out in May 2015.

rosaye-400“Letters” is a charming song with a beautiful melody and a soulful, plaintiff sound. It’s very emotive but it is over too soon! You can’t help but drift away into the landscape of music she has created and frankly I didn’t really want to leave. And certainly not after only three minutes and twenty-five seconds of being in Rosaye’s fascinating company!

Rosaye is fresh and powerful, and working towards the promise of a bright future judging by this song. Backed by an instrumental sound that makes beautifully haunting, mesmerizing music, she has a naturally enchanting voice, and uses it well.

This is a really good debut single. I always enjoy voices of good female singers to get out of my extreme daily music routine. This track is no exception, compared to other female singers I like Rosaye’s song leans more towards darker pop sounds, but with her own comfortable signature melody that sets her apart from the said singers.

Her voice has a luscious, airy quality that sounds soulful, honest and tragic all at the same time. Her lyrics are honest and deep, making you really think while you listen. She lays herself bare and if you choose to nestle within the raw spaces of her heart, as she sings, you will be richly rewarded and strengthened by knowing that Rosaye is capable of making an enormous impact on the deepest parts of your psyche with “Letters”.










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