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Exit 22 Music make songs that could dominate the airwaves, yet you’ll be stunned by the depth, precision, and intensity of their music. I say ‘their’, because Exit 22 Music is a dynamic and charismatic music production company from NYC, led by founder and main composer Chris Calamera. With over 20 years of diverse musical experience, and a string of critically acclaimed singles such as “Break These Chains”, “Last Goodbye”, and “Double Life”, Calamera surrounds himself, from time to time, with a host of talented singers and collaborators to put out music that is catchy, melodic and powerful. With a goal to empower, educate and inspire audiences, Exit 22 Music craft songs that aspire to transcend genres.

Chris Calamera

How does someone like Chris Calamera, still so underrated, acquire so much musical ability to write, score, perform and produce music like this? I think probably through long hours working and experimenting, and a complete commitment to creating music. His music is complex, rich, textured, layered, and very original. Interesting evocative rhythms, arrangements, melodies, crystal clear vocals. It stays with you, pulls you in, and grows on you.

Calamera’s style is vaguely reminiscent of some of my favorite artists from previous magical musical eras, but he goes well beyond them into his own original territory. Hence it’s no wonder that the result on each Exit 22 Music release, is an astonishing work of exquisitely crafted excellence.

Exit 22 Music’s musical highs can make you breathless and fortunately they give you a chance to recover when the singer dips from her sky-high voice adventures. I love the variations in her voice and how she embraces contrast, in the modern production ensemble’s latest release “Before I Fall”.

This love anthem is intense in its variations as the lead voice weaves in and out of a maze of powerfully layered sounds driven by resonant guitars and shimmering keys. This music is very visual to me and seems filled with poetic meaning and expression.

“Before I Fall” really sounds like pop-rock musical art during some sections and then Exit 22 Music can hold back while the track can sound like a lullaby. Take this for a few spins and you will be high on its sheer beauty.

Chris Calamera and co-writer Tr1be seem to be drawing on ancient rhythms that echo in the background of the song like ghosts traversing landscapes filled with sweeping fields of flowers, as the lyrics ring out: “Through all the years, I’ll be right here / Falling faster, deep into ya / Calling out, I need your love / Will you meet me half way / Will you ever catch me / Before I fall.” The music just comes together in a perfect, gem-like way.

Vocals. Music. Lyrics. Production. All good pop songs do at least one of these things really well. Great pop songs are able to squeak by with at least two of these qualities. Selected desert-island pop songs pretty much need all four requirements to be firing on all cylinders.

I would argue that “Before I Fall” is certainly one of the latter. Exit 22 Music is a rare musical project with amazing talent. The music they come up with just delivers moments of awesomeness when you need it.

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