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Pop singer, pianist and actress, Eye’z began her musical journey at the tender age of 4. Motivated to attain success, she refined her skills by studying music, piano and acting at fine art schools across the San Francisco bay area. She went on to release a number of tracks including, “Go for it” and “Levitating” (remix) which was featured on Bogo Boy Records compilation and “Dedicated” on Vol. XI. Her diverse artistry of staying true to her roots and embracing the modernity of music landed her a record deal with Bentley Records. Her latest single “…Still a Rainbow”, contains all the elements that made Eye’z’s previous offerings such pleasant surprises: Grounded yet intelligent lyrics, an innate musical sensibility as comfortable with torchy sounds as with blazing R&B and Pop anthems, and honest-to-God vocal chops.

She’s more than adept at the soul singer’s stock-in-trade, the romantic ballad, but she can also deliver a rousing up-tempo throw-down with plenty of bump-ability. She always seems to grow as an artist, and her music, while always changing and improving, has a consistent core that makes it identifiable as hers.

Eye’z is a diverse and well versed artist whose music is richly textured with a soulful sensibility. “…Still a Rainbow” is the embodiment of her silky smooth vibe; a thought-provoking testament to her songwriting abilities and as a commercial package it forges a certain positive transgression into the realm of something new in pop.

The track rides her trademark pianos motifs which dash and dive between jangling guitar lines and some funky percussion. From the way that Eye’z delivers the lyrics to the way the synth and beat overlay with the snappy snare and hi-hat on the chorus, there is something just a little glitzy and ShowTime sounding about this track.

The way that Eye’z coolly executes her vocals is great match for the energetic but subtle melody, and the rich backup harmonies. Her voice is powerful but unforced, as she rings out strong against the beat-work.  It conveys a sense of confidence in the story-line she’s laying out for the listener as well, making you really tune in to what she is saying.

The writing conveys a status of maturity but with the youthful exuberance of someone who knows what the road ahead contains and is ready to face it all with ferocity and grace. There is enough variety of sound to keep you invested and listening as Eye’z’s soulful voice shines through alongside the production. The perfect mix of her signature piano-driven style as well a touch of modern pop panache and poise, “…Still a Rainbow” represents another step ahead for the songstress.


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