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For all of its existing accomplishments as the potential European kings of dance and reggaeton, the Romanian duo – which became a sole member in 2021 –  of Fly Project continue driving its momentum with the release of new music. Throughout its releases, Fly Project has showcased a smorgasbord of sounds, rhythms and styles that its been exploring for a while now. The brand new single “Bipolar” produced by sole member Tudor Ionescu, is ready to sweep across clubs, and light up dancefloors on a global scale. Here Fly Project has created its own style of smooth and free-flowing reggaeton.

The forward momentum on “Bipolar” is found in the most universal lyricism of Fly Project’s career thus far, focusing on how life throws us into unexpected situations, which we cannot comprehend and have difficulty overcoming.  “Bipolar” tells us that there is way out of this situation and all our problems can be solved. It’s a song that is meant to inspire and enlighten. Apart from the message, for those who love reggaeton’s slinky grooves, they’re in large supply here.

Reggaeton has been through several different transformations from the moment it made its way to the commercial scene. I am personally happy with whatever direction artists want to go with it, just as long as they sound authentic, and Fly Project does the job perfectly on “Bipolar”.

The song features a finely spun rhythm that will get your hips swaying and uplift your mood.  I love how the lead vocals do not stress a single bar on any of the verses, literally sounding laidback and smooth while riding the effervescent beat.

Fly Project tells its story and sends out positive messages in a captivating way that gives the audience an insight into the composer’s true thoughts in a way that comes across as completely genuine. It’s clear that reggaeton has its global audience, and Fly Project knows just how to play the field here. Tudor Ionescu plays with beats, experiments with flows and concepts to come up with a fresh music proposal in an otherwise worn out music industry.

However, more than anything else, Fly Project weaves a relatable narrative that is sharply focused, and smartly captivating. “Some people say I’m a genius. Some people say I’m a drunk. But I don’t care if they judge us. I don’t mind. I see rainbows and unicorns every day. I see the sunshine when it rains. When I feel lost, I get up and walk my way,” sings Tudor Ionescu of Fly Project, as he unfold the song’s inspiring narrative.

With his vibrant energy, unique take on the reggaeton genre and raw talent, anticipation was high for this record. The message being sent across is one that needed to be said in these troublesome times, and Fly Project did so by evolving the sound of reggaeton, while remaining absolutely authentic in doing do, which is welcomed. Fly Project create a joyous and uplifting atmosphere that Tudor Ionescu capitalizes on with his engaging vocal delivery.

Fly Project stay true to its roots, which Tudor Ionescu has built upon during the years. “Bipolar” is the kind of energizing recording, that is exactly what the music scene needs in such an uncertain time. This is one of Fly Project’s strongest, most relatable releases to date.


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