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Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Gary Burk III draws musical inspiration from his biggest influences, Alabama, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. Gary fronts a three-piece band with his extensive collection of custom built guitars, as they perform at events across the region. When he’s not on the road or recording, Gary enjoys spending time with his twin boys and two daughters.  Gary Burk III, whose single “Friday Night”, reached the TOP 20 iTunes Country Charts, is back with a brand new song, entitled “You Got Me”, released via MTS Records. The previously released track also established Gary as a bankable country act willing to push himself artistically and steer into places right under the spotlight.

Gary Burk III’s new single “You Got Me” certainly doesn’t spurn mainstream country radio, but it does have a relaxed, rock-solid vibe that would stand out among the heavily processed arena-ready anthems that fill those playlists. The result is a track that finds a satisfying midpoint between the artist’s usual country and his rootsy interests.

Riding high atop an easygoing groove and knowing maturity, the track finds Gary clearly in a romantic and reflective mood, fueled probably, by the Appalachian divide’s crisp mountain air and incredible horizons. It offers up a most easily likeable vocal melody, a steady piano-driven rhythm, and crunchy guitars.

“You Got Me” offers plenty of evidence that the creative spirit Mason Douglas felt while composing this track, was real, vibrant and fertile, and that Gary Burks’ heart and soul followed suit: “You got me where you want me. Here with you my hearts done. From this moment, yeah I’m all in. I’m a soldier of your love. So baby, this ain’t maybe, cause I ain’t ever gonna leave. Girl, you got me.”

Gary sounds refreshed, enlightened and ready for another, however many years it takes, to stay besides his partner in love. It’s here that his resonating vocals shine with distinct yearning while the excellent percussion accompaniment and soaring guitar features further evoke the song’s message.

Gary Burk III presents himself as a beacon of hope for the mainstream, managing to blend traditional and contemporary sounds in a great way. He is carving out his own niche perfectly and is seeing success via audio and video streaming platforms, as he ventures down his own lane.

His, is just a simple recipe for good, heartfelt music, and that’s what Gary delivers on “You Got Me”. Another thing that captures this track’s mood, is the solid recording and production.  The instruments gain in strength as the track runs free and uninhibited – just like the love described in the song. A job well done by the Meatlocker Recording Studio.

For fans of Gary Burk III, this is the Gary you’ve all come to know and love through the songs he has released thus far. This is him being himself. This is everything you want in a mainstream country record in 2019.

This is Gary Burk III doing what he does best, which is putting out good, quality, often inspiring songs that are raised in importance since they’re something you can enjoy listening to with others. Gary’s musical efforts unite musical tastes, as opposed to dividing them.


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