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GiDS is a rapper/producer from Tustin, CA. On May 20th he released two new singles in advance of his upcoming album “Impermanence”. The first single, “1000 Grams” is a follow up to his last EP. The second single, “Lose Me” was GiDS first attempt at producing for himself. Hip-hop is a place where many people are caught up in images, but GiDS isn’t like that. He presents himself in a manner where you feel like you’re getting the full picture of the artist. This is especially evident in “1000 Grams”, which is actually a double-sided single, backed by the track “Zone”. Lyrically hard-hitting and sonically concise, GiDS is one of the few emcees who wears his heart on his sleeve, touching on personal issues which affect him daily. This release sounds epic, from top to bottom, putting the listener in a focused, determined, reflective state of mind.

I have always appreciated this kind of music due the honesty and passion, as it almost seems many artists in hip-hop today are afraid to speak about their actual thoughts and emotions. On “1000 Grams”, GiDS lays his feelings out in the open.

As soon as you press play you should expect a serious tone with a melancholy sentiment, word play that deserves more recognition and one-liners that can leave an individual ruminating for a hot minute. GiDS is food for sanity in an industry that is money-grabbing, shallow and flooded with inordinate amounts of clichés and platitudes.

It takes a specific type of intellect to be able to connect with GiDS’ candid and often philosophical lyricism. It’s not that his music is abstruse in anyway, but he certain demands a higher level of maturity and attention than your conventional pop rappers.

From the outside he appears to be driven by bad experiences, anger, frustration, ambitions and regrets – all the ingredients necessary to construct a rapper capable of delivering parables worth listening to. As expected the lyrics and concepts shine alongside the bumping production.

The beats on both “1000 Grams” and “Zone”, serve their purpose well in setting the mood without being distracting, and allowing GiDS to rightly take center stage. Where the rapper seems poised to give the game a much-needed transfusion of energy and soul.

GiDS has found his voice, no question, as well as the production to match it. His wit can turn an otherwise-common reference into a caustic punchline, and he deals them out in truckloads here. What separates GiDS from his peers, though, isn’t his punchlines. It’s his crystal-clear delivery, and his ability to flow on any beat and change rhyme schemes effortlessly.

There may be no better evidence of GiDS lyrical prowess in his catalog than what is displayed on “1000 Grams”. At the end of the day though, GiDS does what many other rappers fail to do, and that’s connect with our deepest concerns and expectations.


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