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The album “Giving Up” by Barcelona-based producer and singer Plastic DJ, is the very best that the blended genres of Deep House, Downtempo and Electro have to offer. The thing that sets Plastic DJ so far above his contemporaries is that he’s genuinely talented as a musical composer, and stunningly enchanting as a singer. The music is of a baroque complexity, and here’s no overpowering bass or wailing synths. It’s like listening to a dream. You’ll play this in your car when you want to relax, at home when you’re at the beach or sitting on the porch, or as you chill out waiting to meet your friends at a club or bar. Plastic DJ produces a sound that at once can lull you into a trance and then jump back out with a dance beat that begs, but doesn’t force.

Truly euphoric, refreshing and atmospheric, you can definitely just crank your sound system and let the album blare out the songs, but when you put on headphones, you’ll be surprised by the complexity of the tracks. The first track, “Waiting For Your Call”, is where you get a good taste for what is to come.

A bit upbeat, and a bit layered. The vocals are smooth and soulful, drawing you in with each passing line. The melody is catchy, while the beat will have you tapping your feet. We’ve all heard the expression ‘summer music’, usually applied to whatever album happens to have a song that references a beach.

But when you’re driving through a nice residential area, leaves falling, sun just a few hours from setting, this is the kind of music that makes the whole thing complete. “Take Me Home” utilizes pulsating percussion and warm keys to the fullest effect by creating one of the most spine-tingling tracks on the album.

It is truly one of the best pieces of recorded music here, and never fails to make me break out in goose bumps. Absolute sonic majesty are a few of the words which begin to describe “We Got This”, with its effects-filled gorgeous arrangement and left-field female vocals.

“I Can Breathe” features stunning values, both in terms of vocal and instrumental production. This track is simply ravishing, if not a bit wistfully sexy in overall mood and feeling. Plastic DJ is a master at crafting instrumentals and “It’s Over” is yet another impeccable addition to his inimitable production pedigree.

It allows his vocals to croon and sparkle over its landscape. This track will totally transport you elsewhere, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t quite been able to. “By My Side” and “Hold me Now” are songs you just want to get up and dance to, yet at the same time you could play them while lying down and be perfectly relaxed.

Album closer, “Next to You” demands to be played over and over. There is a lot of compositional creativity in this song. This is the stuff that changes people’s perceptions about Deep House, Downtempo and Electro music.

From its beautiful, melodic soundscape, to the crisp rhythm and perfect sound quality, it will place you in the environment of a comfortable, relaxing crowd at the sunset beach-side, calm waters rolling.

All throughout, this album accentuates beautiful flourishes of artistic resplendence. Open your eyes, heart, and ears to melodic tones and evocative soundscapes that carry you from the laboring workload, into the skies above you, on “Giving Up”.


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