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Gilbert Engle is a musician, composer and artist who has been composing music for over 30 years. Gilbert started his career as a Java programmer. At age 47, he retired and has since dedicated his life to creating works of art and music full time. His music compositions include rock, jazz, fusion, blue grass and many other genres. In recent weeks we have reviewed various Engle composed, performed or produced music. The latest album to reach our desk is the 12 track nylon string guitar album, entitled “2014 Classical Guitar”.

gilbert-engle-cg-300This CD offers a great selection of classical guitar pieces composed and produced by Gilbert Engle. The performances are carried out with clean, stunning technique without ever too much sacrificing of warmth. The first part of album tends to be slightly repetitive with the playing a little too mechanical and clinical for my personal taste, which might be the fault of Sibelius.

I tend to dislike inhuman perfectionism. However it is from track 7 onwards that things come alive, with some delicious melodies and a more sprawling, relaxed execution of the pieces, which I found more entertaining and varied in general. The latter part of “2014 Classical Guitar” brings with it more depth, emotion and joy. The clarity and clearness of the recording is also amazing

In guitar playing there have been many renowned performers, gifted of exuberant technique. The guitar is an instrument which is closer to heart as any other one. It demands from the player passion and sentiment. There have been many well-known guitarists, whose sensibility was often totally absent in their brilliant performances.

But fortunately for us, there have been notable interpreters that have been maintained a desired balance and contrast between brain and heart, achieving great distinction with their works. I could name a few primordial names who achieved this: the mythic soloist Andres Segovia, Agustin Barrios, Regino Sainz de la Maza, John Williams, Alirio Diaz, Manuel Berrueco, Siegfried Behrend and Christopher Parkening, are among the most representative one’s on this list.

The performances on “2014 Classical Guitar” vary between brilliant coloring, as well as impeccable and sensitive interpretations, but it’s the compositions of Gilbert Engle, which recall profound artistic conviction and convincing phrasing that has been a perpetual motive of constant delight in all of his works, whether jazz, fusion or classical in genre.

If you love guitar and want to have some peaceful, melodious music to chill by and relax while reading or just gazing into a fire, this is the album to have. Forget your day and whatever stresses there might have been. Get a glass of wine, put your feet up, and just kick back. You won’t even remember how the day went!

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