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Entrepreneur, father, basketball enthusiast, former marine drummer and ultimate R&B singer-songwriter, Gregory Bell, from the DMV area, is pouring all his emotions into his latest track, “Believe In Me”, produced by Carlton Manoxide for Hidden Traxx/Skilluminaughty Music. Here Bell effortlessly blends a striking electronic beat with his signature soulful croon. The deep, longing beat pulses and pounds as Bell’s vocals soar above it all, and it’s only a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming album “The Lady’s Man”, as well as the tracks, “Winning” and “HER”.

“Believe In Me” is both angelic and raw, with a burning passion that radiates from the back and forth of the vocals. The chemistry between the voice and the production is incredibly captivating. The powerful cry of the lines:  “If you would believe in me stay by my side, cuz you’re the one I want in my life. If you would believe in me, I’m gonna keep it true. Cuz there is no me without you. If you would believe in me, I am gonna hold you down even when you’re not around. If you would believe,” rings true throughout the track.

The song is as much a request for commitment and acknowledgement, as it is a declaration of gratitude and devotion from Gregory Bell. The latter is evident in the lines: “I just wanna say thank you for being there for me when no one would understand. Thank you for being there for me, you’ve made me a better man. Thank you for being there for me when my body was sick n weak. With u I can spread my wings n be a better me.” Making it a soulful number that emotes straight from the heart. Bell’s personal experiences clearly inspire the track’s lyrics.

“Believe In Me” shows R&B/Pop music at it’s best, and rather than all the slick, pimp production we’ve become used to, Gregory Bell opts for the classic traditional feel but with a fresh contemporary sound.

There is no denying Gregory Bell sets himself apart from his peers in the game right now. He delivers perfectly controlled honest expression that is based on love, sensitivity, awareness and a truthfulness that will appeal to many. His lyrics show a maturity and smoothness that are meant to inspire heartfelt emotion, conscience, and deep thought.

Thoughtfulness is probably a good word to describe this track. There is an introspective extravagance here, which will keep the listener replaying “Believe In Me” for a long time.

The music is well-arranged, with many layers, so you will keep on hearing new things with every listen. Much like the genre’s men and women who preceded him, Gregory Bell is a special talent. His artistry offers a bridge between the past and the present in an authentically soulful way.

At its core, “Believe In Me” exposes one of life’s most gratifying and rewarding experiences– the art of love, respect and devotion. It is clear that this single adds a significant notch to Gregory Bell’s belt, as he continues his pursuit towards achieving his artistic goals.


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