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Joe Bloe was born in New Orleans, where he learned the harsh reality of life on the streets. Growing up in a city built on racism, and corruption, he had to learn how to survive so he knows what it’s like to be the underdog. Aside from his musical ambitions, Joe Bloe has appeared in movies alongside actors like Denzel Washington, Will Patton, Charles S Dutton, Alfre Woodard, and worked with Directors such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Tim Disney.

Joe Bloe’s new album “Disrespectful (Special Editon)” takes a hard and irreverent look at the American cultural, political and social system. Joe Bloe the dreamer and believer, is in an auspicious place in underground hip-hop. The New Orleans emcee and actor seems to be at confident and at ease with where his at right now, which gives him considerable leeway in regards to what he’s able to say on his new album.

Aided by Joe’s soulful, spiritual stirrings on love, music, personal growth and obviously the plight of Black Americans, “Disrespectful (Special Editon)” reminds us how fragile the spirit of the land is in these times. At select points, Joe Bloe puts emphasis on cultural integrity, morals and understanding, and casts an eye on extravagant wealth, vanity, sex, religion and hate.

Joe Bloe is such an accomplished artist. He is talented and diverse, and offers a well-balanced album with different tempos and stories that all have a powerful message at their core. Right from the go, “No Justice No Peace” tackles police brutality head-on.

But the mindset Joe had to be in to create this album must have been genius, as he is able to switch themes and affront each one with maturity and meaning. You find out quickly, as you hit play on “Many Places”, that this is true hip hop in a mature form. Overall though, and in his own personal way, Joe Bloe offers love, kindness and a path toward healing in this cynical world of ours.

The album as a whole fits nicely. There is not a song that you will skip in a listening. There are some standout tracks though. If you want raw flow listen to the excellent title track “Road Trip”, “In a Circle”, or “If You Want It”. If you want ear-catching, more soulful material you’ll love “Boss”, or the deliciously melodic “Don’t Blame It On Me”.

The production all-round on the album, is excellent. Joe Bloe has the voice, intelligence, lyrics, bars and conscience mindset that we need in the game today. And he shows on “Disrespectful (Special Editon)”, why he should not be overlooked when hip hop heads discuss their best underground lists. Everything about this album is alive, passionate and straight up fire!


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