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Armond Jason is a singer, songwriter, recording engineer, and music producer from Midlothian, Virginia. As a child, he was always interested in the music industry, and over the years has made huge leaps as a musician and performer. His latest release is “The Gold Album: Signature”, which combines influences from Prince, Linkin Park, and rap artists like Jay Z to form a new style. Applying Bruce Lee’s philosophy of martial arts (Jeet Kune Do) to his music, Armond has created his own personal, unique style. Following all the guidelines for classic hits, his music makes a strong statement of originality.

Armond Jason
Armond Jason

From “The Gold Album: Signature” comes Armond Jason’s potential smash single “I Know”. This is a track of feeling and passion and undoubted class. It’s no pop single. In fact, much like the album it centers on moodiness and feelings of haunting darkness.

Not surprisingly, this first taste of the album is the most commercially acceptable and perhaps the way to draw in an audience, and if they’re prepared for intensely atmospheric tracks then they’re in for a treat, as Armond demonstrates that he is a master at creating mood-inducing tunes.

“I Know” finds Armond Jason battling with his demons as a sort of modern day bounty hunter caught up in a moment of penitence and remorse: “I’ve been down, I’ve been out, I’ve been wrong, I’ve been right, the feeling is gone and I can’t sleep at night, and I know…and I know…”

The dark and driving almost industrial electronic sound which rises to near meteoric proportions is perfect for Armond’s voice, which searches, affirms and soars. He plucks away relentlessly at his inner self and anyone that enjoys music for the ‘feel’ is going to be impressed.

Armond gnaws, swallows and regurgitates his soul as the track grows into an epic and anthemic sing-along. The growling synth and banging drums move ahead in a dramatic slow-down churn, with the heartfelt words and occasional piano stabs adding a further aural dimension.

“I Know” skillfully avoids the temptation to move up-tempo and remains an almost heart stopping piece of music. From the opening tones of this track, an intense slab of powerful music and vocals hits your ears with a spirited sense of communion, filled with all the grit, grief and grace Armond Jason can muster!


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