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Hip-hop, Rap, Pop, and R&B – it’s all thrown into the cauldron of modern music’s new wave sounds. It’s here that versatile underground artist Kbackwood$, shines brightly. Shimmering guitars, slow grooves, and intimate vibes pour forth from the artist’s intoxicating tracks, including the single “Red Lipstick” which has been garnering streams and attention. Growing up, the only constant in Kbackwood$’ life was music. From moving around each year, to his parents separating, his father passing when Kai was 15, and also being homelessness, music has really been his key to a new world. A natural at singing, rapping, and crafting hooks, Kbackwood$ can do it all.

With artists releasing songs at a fast and furious pace, it’s difficult for the fans to keep track of it all – no matter how tapped in they are. Luckily, everything about Kbackwood$ – from the sound of his music to his hairstyle – makes it impossible to mistake him for being anyone else. Moreover the travelling hip-hop troubadour comes into his own on “Red Lipstick” by polishing his blend of emotional tales and witty punchlines.

Even the captivating beat is eclipsed by Kbackwood$’ strength as a storyteller and vocalist. The artist is clearly affirming his power in the melodic-dominated hip-hop world, and doing it with sharp lyricism and an ear for beats that any fan simply has to love. Showcasing his vocal range, the singer unfolds his narrative skills, almost in a stream of consciousness style.

On “Red Lipstick”, Kbackwood$ is already showing signs of a potential takeover in 2021. He has the ability to make addictive, mid-tempo songs that demand repeat listens. It’s nearly impossible to play a Kbackwood$ song just once.

When you encounter a melody like the one he lays down on “Red Lipstick”, or even “Pay Phone” for that matter, it will invariably end up bouncing around in your brain until you give in and play it again (and again).

With the backing of Grooverelly, the artist has surrounded himself with a strong support system, setting himself up for an explosive year. Don’t be surprised when you see his name all over your Spotify playlists during the next 12 months. The new movement of voices for the pop, rap and hip-hop scene is in full swing, and Kbackwood$ is pushing his way towards the front-row among them.

Kbackwood$ wears his heart on his sleeve, often creating soul-stirring tracks that draw on experiences from intricate relationships and his personal life. Kbackwood$ delivery is hypnotic, and he populates his songs with layers of vocal nuances, making it sound like he’s attacking the beat from multiple angles. Kbackwood$ has more than enough skill to turn any breakthrough moment into a long-lasting career.

Every time you press play on a Kbackwood$ song, you know you’re about to vibe along to an emotional and fully satisfying, listening experience. He is a great new addition to the growing list of young artists who are preparing to take over the game right now.


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