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Young Nino is a rapper from the Southside of Atlanta, Ga who has been garnering vies and streams on YouTube and Spotify respectively, for his latest single “Goin’ Crazy”. The track has a runtime of 3 minutes and 25 seconds. It’s plenty for today’s streaming market, but there’s still not a lot of latitude or wriggle room for excessive nonsense, so Young Nino makes full use of the space he has. This track is impressive in that it has not only quality rapping and quality production but also a quality visual to back up the whole project.

Young Nino is just a monster on this instrumental, and the rap world will hopefully comprehend the immense talent of the Atlanta native. He exhibits his phenomenal agility and skill to switch between an aggressive bark to a free flowing cadence. His arsenal of stop-and-go rhyme schemes, and half-bar-full bar lines are showcased. Moreover, the actual understanding of the words being said never disappoints either.

“Goin’ Crazy” brings us a vivid snapshot of high-life ambitions and street-life intuitions, as Young Nino unfolds the luxuries of a hedonistic lifestyle, and a mindset that has surpassed a euphoric state, where even the law needs to be overridden.

Young Nino sounds calculated and confident as he deals out anecdotes and blunt wisdoms towards capitol gain. The song is a crossbreed of the best parts of both the old-school and the new-school.

“Goin’ Crazy” is sure to have fans of both the forward thinking hip-hop aesthetic, as well as those just looking for a beat that bumps, completely satisfied.  As confident of a performer as he’s been since the days of “Top of the World”, he’s arguably never sounded more at ease then he does creating hooky, energetic tracks behind speaker-rattling bass, distorted vocal samples and drum machines that hit like a cannonball.

You can find all those aforementioned qualities on bangers like “Hands On Ya Knees”, “Crazy Over U” and “4Eva”. However on “Goin’ Crazy”, Young Nino takes it to the next level.

While retaining the club-ready grit with the larger-than-life playfulness, the rapper has added an extra layer of sophistication, to both his technical ability and his sound. This is a record that builds itself on challenging abilities and expectations with the force of a sledgehammer.

What results is, a tightly wound and compressed release, full of concentrated artistry and bite. Everything works to Young Nino’s favor here – the production, the theme, and even the music video. Young Nino also definitely knows how to spin a captivating tale, and not just string together abstract rhyming words, which is hard to find with the artists nowadays.

“Goin’ Crazy” is the artist’s finest work to date and will probably become his best received. It showcases Young Nino’s near-peerless technical skill along with a newfound maturity in his songwriting.

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