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Donald Sanchez King of Cali aka The Bedroom Closer was born in Los Angeles California to a Black mother and a Mexican father who both had mental issues. He joined a gang at the age of 13, and later met his girlfriend and partner in crime Vanessa aka MurderSheWrote. On the International Shooters Inc. label, Donald Sanchez has a 15 track mixtape out, entitled “King of Cali” which affronts his struggles as a welfare kid fighting for his throne in life. Currently creating a buzz, is his single entitled “Ginger Bread Girl”.

King of Cali

In the modern era of Hip Hop, rappers no longer have to sell out completely to move records. A dedicated fan base is more important than a hit record. “Ginger Bread Girl” is structured much like any other major label rap release, and yet it deftly swerves away from the music stylings and formulaic raps that plague the majority of its peers.

King of Cali has his own chilled style, explicit wordplay and unique, almost spoken-word-type cadence. He tells his more than risqué story, while exuding a bulletproof confidence and an overabundance of self-assurance as if he was talking about a walk in the park. It’s almost uncanny for an artist to carry themselves with such nonchalance in a narrative as salacious as this.

King of Cali has shown an enthusiasm for going against the grain in an effort to stand out among his peers. He’s more than willing to experiment and toss new ingredients into his pot in order to cook up an entirely different meal, such as “Ginger Bread Girl”.

In complete juxtaposition with the loud, frenetic, spastic, and about as vibrant as rap can be sounds of his contemporaries, where the songs are busy, and crowded with radiant instrumentation and stacked vocals, and rarely take time to breathe, King of Cali goes in the opposite direction.


It’s a welcome change to a genre that has become almost unbearably busy in some circumstances. “Ginger Bread Girl” slides into your speakers with an echoing low-end boom and a twinkling keyboard. On top of the soundscape, King of Cali discharges his spicy imagery: “Heat her and treat her like an edible. From the butt to the nipples, everything’s edible.”

There’s something bewitching about the downtempo beat, while there’s stylistic adventurousness in how King of Cali’s delivery flow meanders and evolves across the track. From stop-start rhymes to syllable repeats, King of Cali twists and turns his way around the X-rated imagery, without batting an eyelid: “Nipples have me awfully coming. I’ll have her awfully dripping. Lingerie design has me drooling. My tongue best believes it keeps licking.”

The greatness of “Ginger Bread Girl” lies in its ideas, the thinking behind the project is definitely where it shines. In its execution “Ginger Bread Girl” grabs you the right way, and sucks you right in, putting you immediately in the mood to listen to nothing else. It throws you right into the deep end of lusty.



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