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In what is literally an eternity in music, Madelyn Victoria returns to the plate after a two-and-a-half year hiatus since her 2018 release, “Right Here With You”, that reached the Canadian iTunes Top 15. The San Antonio, Texas songstress returns with a brand new, self-penned single “Good At Goodbye” which was released on March 26th, 2021 (MTS Records). Produced and engineered by Sean Sankey, and mastered by Nick Landis in Austin, TX, the song deals with a relationship pulling in two different directions. He was letting go, and she was hanging on…to the nostalgic memories of a good thing gone bad, trying to figure out why he was so good at goodbyes. In the end however, she finally thanks him for making her grow stronger and fins happiness: “I want to thank you for hurting me so bad, cause thanks to you I have my kids and loving man”

Madelyn Victoria, has once again, put together a sensational record with “Good At Goodbye” that excites and moves the audience, especially if you are a country music fan. The song has that classic Texas swing, infused with a steel guitar twang, and a determined drumbeat.

Madelyn cements herself as sharp-witted, sincere, and assured on the vocals. Her brand of country music recalls the storytelling glory days of the genre, where characters and places and experiences vividly came alive.

That’s why the Texas native’s newest single is so impressive. The Full Sail University graduate in Music Business took everything we love about her, and scattered the elements across this soundscape.

Instruments and textures bloom sporadically like you’re listening to them grow and change with each new word Madelyn Victoria sings. As the melody unfolds and the jangling guitars drench the song in a shimmer, Madelyn sings the track’s mission statement: “I don’t know why you’re so good at goodbye.”

Madelyn Victoria approaches the subject matter with such a glorious earnestness that you can’t help but agree that yes, the lessons learned and the ended relationship, opened the door to a happier and more rewarding life.

This is a track that is capable of convincing even the staunchest sceptics that there is brighter side to moments of seeming darkness. “Sometimes a heart does need to break, for a better endeavor to take place,” sing Madelyn.

“Good At Goodbye” comes from a deep place, as it weaves a powerful thread between every verse that connects to story’s timeline, which Madelyn Victoria translates into thoughtful and inspiring words.

Notwithstanding its initial, less than happy narrative, this is one of those songs that’s instantly comforting, and grows into a ray of sunshine bar after bar, as you discover the swing of events take a better turn.

Madelyn Victoria has consistently improved as a singer-songwriter throughout her career and “Good At Goodbye” could be the moment for her to really step up into the spotlight and hit a home run.


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