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Travis Shin Chun Myung Yi, aka Travis Shyn, is a Korean American music artist based out of Virginia, US. Travis has been a creator since 2018, with influences from JuiceWlrd, Maroon 5, and Boyz 2 Men. He is currently busy working on his full-length album due out in Quarter 2, and has released the single “Shattered” to whet our appetites in the meantime. Travis addresses his songs with raw honesty and authenticity. The mood of a song like “Shattered” has a heartrending melancholy. There is heartbreaking sadness in considering the passage of desolating moments in a broken relationship, but the poignancy of memories exist, and it is from there that Travis pulls and expresses his most distressing feelings. “Did I ever matter to you,” he asks. “Even after all that we’ve been through. What do you know, how do you go from zero, to no.”

Today anyone has access to creating the next viral song via all the social mediums. Hence it’s no surprise there are so many artists churning out music on a daily basis to make the jump out of anonymity. However, on “Shattered”, Travis Shyn shows us that his foray into flavorful music is not just a pastime but work with substance.

His airy and emotional vocal styling is the perfect companion to his crossover pop and hip-hop sound, along with his impassioned lyrics. Travis Shyn lyrical and musical talent is that of someone who has several albums under his belt. If “Shattered” is an indication of where his full-length album project could go, he is poised to soar.

Travis Shyn

Travis is a fine example of a modern musician: honest, versatile and unafraid to embrace the evolution of pop music, and express his emotions. However the moments of real quality on this single comes when Travis the artist takes a backseat and Travis the human takes over.

This happens when the eloquent lyrics of “Shattered” allow Travis Shyn to express his most inner feelings about an abruptly ended relationship. This is the point when you realize that Travis’ music is drawn from raw emotion and not from some record label’s business plan. He successfully unfolds his disillusions and pain in a genuine way without the try-too-hard tendencies of some of his genre colleagues and peers.

Though “Shattered” has all the ear-warming piano-driven sonic goodies you would expect in a mainstream potential hit single, it sounds far from cookie-cut, mainly due to Travis Shyn’s emoting and very beautiful vocal delivery.

His charisma as a songwriter and performer prove him to be a formidable pop force. Travis has clearly been putting in the work needed, but talent is needed to complete the equation. Something Travis Shyn seems to have in bucket loads.

It also helps that Travis Shyn is a great storyteller and able to capture the empathy of listeners with his voice and delivery – a talent not to be underestimated, in a game where technology and production, drastically levels the playing field, nulling the potential to rise above the noise.

Over and above his natural talents, you can also appreciate how much thought went into this song, from the subject matter to the way that the music compliments the lyrics.  From start to finish “Shattered” is an engaging listen, performed in a pure and genuine way.


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