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Michael Gerow is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. He masterfully exhibits vulnerability, resolve, and soulfulness on the emotionally-driven, and powerful single, “Broken”. From the start, he exhibits his best attribute – his voice.  On the first verse, Gerow shares his struggles: fears, insecurities, and loneliness.  He casually sings portions of this verse in his lower register, amplifying his vulnerability. By the pre-chorus/chorus sections, the scope of his vocal expressiveness is unleashed.

In the nutshell, this groovy pop-soul cut finds Michael Gerow stressed out about a partner.  With masterful falsetto edges, he takes us on a smooth soulful, self-conscious journey that is relatable to just about anyone. This heartfelt joint, characterized by understated production is comprised of cool guitar strums, and delicately rich harmonies. The chorus is the best part of the record – the celebrated centerpiece. The way the background vocals are used to accentuate the lead, confirms that there’s some awesome, thoughtful touches embedded here.

The way Michael Gerow sings every word in the song is captivating, exposed, and brutally honest. The track refrains from trying too hard instrumentally, letting Michael’s vocals and lyrics stand for themselves. Like all the best pop stars that have come before him, Michael plays beautifully to the strengths of his voice.

Michael Gerow’s gentle rasp delivers an excellent timbre as he sings through afflicted and raw-throated emotion; it’s an effect that he deploys well. Doubling down on being the sensitive guy in the narrative, does give him character and certainly shows maturity.

Michael’s range of talent is demonstrated within the first few bars, drawing a picture of not just a boy with a guitar sound, but also of an artist ready to stake his claim on the music industry. Michael Gerow has a way of working through his music effortlessly, embracing the production, but simultaneously proving his artistic authenticity with his vocals and magnetic presence.

Michael Gerow is pure pop escapism at its finest. On a sensitive scale, Michael might actually beat his peers: The 16-year-old is more introspective, and yearning, than many of his more famous contemporaries. It’s also easy for artists to say they want to be open and that every lyric is their most candid and personal yet, but the tendency of musicians to activate their honesty is an evolution that usually comes deep into their career.

Michael Gerow brings his candor and frankness right from the beginning with “Broken”. He is a worthy young songwriter who could become exceedingly valuable to his generation. It doesn’t seem impossible considering there’s a load of replayability here.

The heavy focus on the guitar helps the track stand out, making it diverse from all the synth/piano driven stuff riding the charts.  Overall, “Broken” proves that Michael Gerow is extremely talented, with mature content and soulful melodies.

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