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Phillip Broussard’s music cuts right to the soul and surprises profound thoughts running inside my head each time I listen to a new composition. Mixing quiet yet innovative folk music with scintillating lyrics, each song makes keen observations on the hidden truths of human nature… and it is impossible not to envision the mythology of your own life experiences entwined with each thoughtful verse on this 5 track EP, entitled “Wavelength”. Songwriter, artist, musician, poet, entertainer, philosopher, storyteller – If you love and appreciate great song craft and are not yet fully immersed in Broussard’s work, you should be. If you are familiar and fully acquainted with his single, “Just Wanna Believe”, which he released a few months back, but don’t absolutely love what he does, then there is something wrong with you…inside!

Phillip Broussard has a beautiful voice, the lyrics are wonderful and unpretentious. It is the opposite of the over-produced pop that currently saturates radio. The sound is acoustic, gentle but not boring. It’s a recording to listen to and savor because it has meaning – filled with real talent and honesty. Believe me, there are few experiences as satisfyingly introspective and life-affirming as listening to the work of a unique, profound singer-songwriter.

Like contemporaries Milo Greene and Greg Laswell, as well as more well-known artists like Paul Simon, Ben Folds, and Leonard Cohen, Broussard is remarkably sincere, focused, confident, and a whole lot more stripped down – simply guitar and voice.

“Wavelength” is a graceful collection of remarkably powerful songs dressed up as tender and fragile. Right from the opening track, and lead single, “Just Wanna Believe”, Broussard’s voice, combined with the acoustic guitar strumming, makes for a very moving sound, and a perfect love song.

A catchier and more direct song, “In My Chords” effectively pierces the heart of its listeners, forcing them to draw on their every significant moment of romanticism, restoring their faith in life simply by sounding so utterly wonderful about his loved one; its production is ideally reserved yet effective.

The busy acoustic guitar elements embedded throughout “Drowning”, accompanied by heartfelt lyrics and intimate singing, make the song sound notably soothing yet full of fiery passion and wholehearted. “Best Friend” gives a calm mellow ambiance with slow guitar playing and philosophical lines “They say that a blink of an eye in heaven, is a thousand years on earth. It feels like a thousand years that you left this place, and I’d do anything just to see your face again.”

It moves along with the very close and intimate singing of Broussard, as if you are the only one he’s singing to. “All Over Again” is a sweet, classic and powerful folk tune that represents a well-said philosophy of life. Broussard’s combination of his guitar finger picking and rhythmic style superbly fits the song.

“Wavelength” is a masterful work of humble art, plain and simple. Finding a voice both as special and as unassuming as Phillip Broussard’s, amongst all the countless singer-songwriters out there is, to use a cliché, like finding a diamond in the rough.

Few recordings contain such a fantastic acoustic and organic synthesis of production, songwriting, and performance. The most tragic thing about this EP isn’t its content—it’s the fact that it may remain unnoticed by countless people who would benefit from hearing it. Hopefully, after reading this, you won’t be one of them.


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