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Kai better known as Prod. by Kaii, is an eighteen year-old artist and music producer from Germany. He started plying the drums at the age of nine, and then went on to play in orchestras and bands, before transforming into an up and coming independent artist, and music producer. His new single “No Need To Be Afraid”, is equally chart-worthy and sounds like a potential hit. The producer’s touch is undeniable, reining it in and turning it into an approachable, synth and melodically-laced number.

As a whole, the mid-tempo tune stays true to the genre’s modern style of cinematic, vocal-driven EDM – the kind that lends itself to huge singalongs at music festivals. It’s clear that Prod. by Kaii likes to use warm resonating sounds to enhance the soundscapes he creates, which really add to the ambience throughout the record – it might just be one of the highlights of the track, making him stand out from so many other EDM producers.

It is safe to say that Prod. by Kaii is looking to put a lasting imprint on the music scene, and will steadily be making his mark with “No Need To Be Afraid”. He could easily become an unstoppable, magnifying force, as cleverly, he has zeroed in on people’s desire to feel connected in this song. With this release, Prod. by Kaii has tapped into the psyches of a youth movement that want to feel alive without feeling numb.

Besides the beautiful, all-embracing arrangement, if you listen the lyrics of the song, you realize the catharsis of Prod. by Kaii’s music. Moreover, listening to the lyrics is simple, considering the gorgeous female vocal driving the melody. In a digital age that constantly debates on whether technology has connected people more than distance them, Prod. by Kaii’s latest single comes off like an unexpected response to the supposed dilemma.

Prod. by Kaii is highly selective of the design of both his sound and the aura it renders. Yet, his production feels uncomplicated and effortless, compared to the meticulous nature of his work. While the sound design may seem obvious to many, the aura and mood of Prod. by Kaii’s music, is just as distinguishable and nuanced. While most artists simply aim for hi-tech style, Prod. by Kaii also goes strongly for a perceivable ambiance in his sound.

Prod. by Kaii does all of this brilliantly, by assuring that there is a soulful feel to his melody and lyricism, and an expanding atmosphere to the music which captivates the listener. Prod. by Kaii comprehends the sonic needs and desires of the modern EDM audience – besides the bombast and the desire to feel alive,  there is also the ambition to embrace the radiant magnificence of a moment. That radiance is resplendent throughout “No Need To Be Afraid”.

Notwithstanding the smooth low-key arrangement, “No Need To Be Afraid” is the perfect track to hear when you need a “pick me-up” moment. As the velvet voice sings “When the darkness turns into light. All the trouble fades away into nothing”, you feel your motivation rise, and Prod. by Kaii leaves the lyrics ambiguous enough to apply the song to any situation.  The point is that whatever situation you need to approach, make sure this track is kept on!


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