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If you have heard last year’s single “Dolls”, you at least have an idea what to expect with Rawzilk. He produces music filled with colorful and eerie synth washes, hip-hop flavored beats, and downright ethereal vocals. Rawzilk fits somewhere into the sub-genres of electronica, but it’s impossible to nail him down into anything but his very own category.

The single “It” continues with the experimentation of its predecessor. There is no question that it is the work of Rawzilk, but it is not as claustrophobic as usual and is also more complex musically and atmospherically.


The song opens with a slow otherworldly tonal blanket, accompanied by the wistful voice of Shauna Cardwell, which sets the mood for the rest of the journey: dark, emotionally charged, and unsettling. Towards the latter part of the song, the sounds used are extremely visceral, and seemingly twisted like sonic toffee to achieve the desired ‘disturbing’ effect.

The track’s most memorable elements are the sensations it induces, rather than the melodies within it. It is unlikely you will find yourself humming the tune, but you might begin associating certain feelings in your life with those present in Rawzilk’s music.

The track’s focus, apart from the vocals, consist of a series of singular and brilliant musical moments composed of  atmospheric synthesizers and disconcerting sound samples. “It” is a multi-textured sonic experience. From the opening bars, you know that Rawzilk is about to take you on a strange and wonderful journey.

All of the elements are present, oscillating synths, textures so deep and mysterious you could swim in them, and tiny intricate sounds that only reveal themselves towards the end.

“It” is unquestionably a different track to “Dolls”. It is denser and almost beat-less, feeling like a bottomless pit of texture and reverb.  There is a more sinister edge to proceedings too.  There’s an evil hidden behind the whispering vocals.

Rawzilk’s music has never been about ‘sunshine and stars’, but now more than ever his music throbs with eeriness. This music is strange, dark, powerful, hypnotic, beautiful…and, at times, disturbing. Just the way Rawzilk prefers it to be!


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