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In my own opinion the self-titled album by SUPADAMN provides something that many hip-hop artists and groups struggle to deliver. It is consistent, comprehensive, and dynamic. The theme of this album is present in every single track without compromising the individual purpose of each song.

Supadamn-CoverThis is important as many artists, especially in hip-hop, who attempt this approach end up creating an album many come to find bland. With “SUPADAMN”, the theme is there but not overwhelming. There is just a good enough amount to remind the listener that they are listening to a piece of a greater whole while allowing them to easily pick their favorites. Mine happens to be “B.O.O.M.”, “Let’s Ride”, “Always All Night”, “How I Spent The Week (Getting’ Paid)” and “Stay Ahead”.

The production has an unbelievable ability to break the rules and deliver outstanding pieces of work. Traditionally, DJ’s and producers tend to follow a certain structure in their tracks that is predictable and monotonous. Here the production acknowledges that structure, but tends to switch it up in a way that creates something incredibly admirable on each track. This is hip-hop at its finest, a poetic display of true feelings and emotions spit skillfully over divine beats.

It’s when you listen to albums such as “SUPADAMN” that you clearly realize Hip-hop isn’t about being black or white, or about growing up in the streets or in an upper-middle class suburb. It isn’t about the East, West or the South; Hip-hop is about expressing what you truly feel in a clever rhetoric.

SUPADAMN-BoomSUPADAMN combines depth with an almost pop accessibility and simplicity. His lyrics are crisp, to the point meaningful, and well-delivered, as is evident on “100 Round Drum” or “Always All Night”. The use of metaphors and the plays-on-words are also magnificent elsewhere on the album, like for example on “K.I.N.G.”.

There’s music out there that is light-years ahead of anything you’re hearing on the charts right now; and most people just don’t get it yet, including industry insiders. Basically, ninety-nine percent of the Hip-hop world probably hasn’t heard of SUPADAMN yet. In the meantime major labels force ridiculous garbage down the throats of the public.

The sheer rhythm of SUPADAMN’s lyrics is perfect, on point every time. It’s a constant head-nodder without a break or pause where it isn’t necessary, which is what makes the listen-ability of this album so entirely addictive. Each line leads to another, no awkward wording or phrasing, each line has a point to make, and the rhyme-scheme is flawless.

Like all great pop music, this album succeeds on several levels. It has a consistency of character, but enough variety from track to track to keep the listener from getting bored. Bottom Line: If you like hip-hop, you’ll dig this.


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