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Roman Mirault is a French rock n’ roll guitarist based in Marseille. He plays lead guitar in two bands: The Seminal Sun and Lionfish. He also collaborates with French rappers and EDM producers. He is a true rock n’ roller but loves music in general with no frontiers. His playing is fast and melodic. In 2021 he is working on his first solo EP « Punk & Poet » with his original compositions and lyrics. He is very active on Instagram where he posts a lot of guitar related stuff.

We ran through Roman Mirault’s playlist to see exactly what the young guitarist is up to. He goes through most of the typical styles of instrumental rock ranging from straight-metal shred runs, to hard monster riffing, and soft melodic passages. Roman keeps it dynamic through most of the songs, switching between melodies and riffing while keeping up the pace. Few of his songs are over four minutes long, which a special feat in terms of instrumental tracks.

Roman’s technique is spot-on, but he relies more on his raw gritty stylings, to make sure he does not sound mechanical. He also knows when to switch he switch before any piece begins to sound stale. On “Sigil Demo” he starts with an atmospheric and ethereal intro, before dropping crushing chords, leading towards a fiery and harmonic solo.

Its obvious Roman Mirault is having a blast on “Break Stuff” as a palpable sense of enthusiasm leaps from the speakers with unbridled vivacity. The gargantuan riffs explode with ferocity all over this driving metal arrangement.

Though Roman can knock out an endless avalanche of top drawer riffs and brilliantly executed solos with high levels of virtuosity and speed, he also knows how to infuse atmosphere and tone into his tracks. This is the case with the bluesy slow-burner, “Kiss The Midnight Rider”.

On the “Monsieur Kaio Guitar Contest” piece, Roman Mirault showcases his eloquence and finesse, as well as his soulful playing. It’s a short, one-minute extract, but it’s enough to gauge his astute ability and clean, precise execution.

Full of inventive twists, turns and superb guitar playing, it’s fair to say that, from the viewpoint of an artist spreading his wings, these tracks will give listeners a quick insight into Roman Mirault’s growing talent.

An instrumental track of any kind may be packed with great playing, but it will only hold your interest for so long if the song itself is dull. This doesn’t happen with Roman’s work. As a young musician, not only does he have plenty left in the tank, as a writer and player of rock, he’s also getting better at it, which means his horizons are endless!

Connect with Roman Mirault on INSTAGRAM and listen to the band THE SEMINAL SUN

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