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Very much mid-tempo and mellow, with an understated throbbing drum beat, and sweetly enchanting vocals, “Doing Fine” is Pop music that will charm your ears while taking you on a journey through the mind and soul of singer, songwriter and musician, Sammy. The up and coming Canadian artist has been writing and singing from a very young age, making it her favorite hobbies. Characterizing the feelings of nostalgia and the sense of missing those whom we cannot see regularly, Sammy dedicated this single to all her friends and family.

The single confirms that Sammy is a very thoughtful, and talented artist with an extremely creative mind, who takes care of almost every aspect of her music by herself. “Doing Fine” sees her writing the lyrics, as well as creating, playing and recording the music.

She practically only outsourced the mastering to Starting Mercy. The mellowness of the song creates a powerfully refined effect that serves to intensify Sammy’s feelings, which comes forward like stream of emotion running through a sieve. This beautiful symmetrical music production is used as a device to draw attention to the story and storyteller, rather than distract from the sense of intimacy, vulnerability and hope delivered by the performance.

Sammy also subtly varies her phrasing to mirror the cadence of emotional expression, integrating her natural and breathy voices to express the broad range of her simmering emotions. The result is a uniquely compelling and emotive listing experience.

Equally striking passages are found when Sammy shifts the rhythmic patterns in both in the beat and her vocal delivery. Hence despite its unobtrusive sonic aesthetic, “Doing Fine” is a one-of-a-kind experience, a uniquely powerful and rich creation that expresses and evokes emotion with exceptional delivery and impact.

In essence, it’s a sophisticated piece of work. Calm, collected and controlled, Sammy is able to communicate her message in the kind of bombast-free pop song we all wished we listened to all the time.

Sammy is the kind of music artist we can all get behind. If only more pop music was this carefully composed and well-realized. Finding a niche is a problem most young artists face very early in their careers.

For most, it’s difficult because they’ve got to set themselves apart from others, and a lot of artists are fearful or incapable of sounding notably different to their peers. Judging from “Doing Fine”, Sammy doesn’t seem to face that problem. She’s found a perfect balance, of staying inside the mainstream canon, while teetering on the borders of indie.

Sammy knows both her musical and vocal basics inside-out, and as a result “Doing Fine” is an excellent listen. Her airy vocals are the sort that serve as an extra instrument, adding depth to the overall aesthetic which is only amplified when she creates a wall of delicate, heartwarming words.

It all has an infectious quality that underlines her ability as a singer, songwriter and musician. “Doing Fine”, as a whole, could be considered minimalistic, with multiple strands of transcendent beauty and layered, emotion-inducing atmospherics. And it’s just perfect that way!


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