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LUCA BRWN (Jay Luca Brown) is a non-binary, independent multi-genre artist, who was predominantly inspired by hip-hop and pop while growing up. Musically self-sufficient, the artist produces and sings on his own tracks, having full creative control of the music, which elaborates themes on his mental health and all the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster experiences. At just 18, LUCA BRWN fully understands that he is still growing and learning, and in the process, is unafraid of sharing that metamorphosis with his audience, on the 20-track “Self-Deprecating Narcissist (Deluxe Version)” album.

The flow between the tracks is impeccable, with the moody ambient R&B styled opener ‘mirror’ setting the tone of the album perfectly and the remainder of the tracks establishing the sound, while also venturing into diverse sonic avenues. It’s actually amazing how much ground the album covers without exiting the realm of it’s core aesthetic. On ‘bite me’, LUCA BRWN switches in a throbbing beat to accompany his seductive vocal cords, which are further enhanced by the warm keys.

Considering his musical talents despite his age, by the time you’re through listening to ‘cry baby’, you realize that LUCA BRWN’s storytelling and lyrics make the album an even more impressive feat.

Between great productions, profound lyrics and an eerily captivating voice, “Self-Deprecating Narcissist (Deluxe Version)” has everything that an album needs to truly make an impact. It all spills forth with the guitar-jangling sounds of ‘country boy’, the awesomely witty  ‘imaginary friends’ and ‘fake friends’, where LUCA BRWN also shows off his talent for playful, ear-warming melodies.

Just the first listen alone to the string infused, ‘hiding from me’, the effects filled ‘true to myself’, and the conversational ‘secrets’, reminds you that LUCA BRWN has definitely been around the block both musically and emotionally, and knows what he is doing.

Something about the sound LUCA BRWN embraces is magnetic. His music is almost cinematic, his lyrics wiser than his years, and his vocals effortless. Again, this comes powerfully to the fore on ‘high school parties’, good nights rest’, and ‘mania’.

Just when you think that the album is getting too familiar, ‘yin-yang’ magically appears on the track listing. The deep low-end vocals and fiery blues guitar breathes life into yet another mesmerizing LUCA BRWN song.

This is followed by the dark slowed down electropop sonics of ‘silent, holy night’. The singer-songwriter then throws another curveball with the brilliantly edgy and angsty, ‘you scare me’ before completely unwinding on ‘everything is fine’.

Another excellent addition to the album is the dynamic mid-tempo ‘psychosis’, which leads to the momentum-moving slap and bang of ‘ruin my life’. The album finally closes with another left fielder, in the percussion driven, ‘I live out of spite’.

The soulful tunes from LUCA BRWN’s ever-evolving pipes are all you need to affirm your faith in the fact that the creative is as careful with hitting the notes as he is with the production of these tracks. “Self-Deprecating Narcissist (Deluxe Version)” does so many things right within it’s sonic world.

“Self-Deprecating Narcissist (Deluxe Version)” melds familiar and new sounds in order to create a distinctive voice for LUCA BRWN. Moreover, it is the pristine sound production, and mature, authentic lyricism, that carries the album even further, making the tracks so intriguing. There is definitely a place for LUCA BRWN in the music industry.

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