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SkyLaw is led by married lead vocalists Layne and Reve Kalell, the band’s line up also consists of Nema Sobhani (Guitar) and Erik Martin (Drums, Piano). Fueled by the passion and a foundation of lyrical hip-hop and electro-pop, SkyLaw have a mission to take the best elements from various styles of music and form a fusion of universally appealing messages that uplift and inspire.

The follow-up to SkyLaw’s first single “Into The Light”, “Indigo” better prepares us for the release of the band’s upcoming debut EP. “Indigo” is a joyful cross-genre journey with musical props to hip-hop, rock, electro, funk, and pop. Some people expect music to be confined into the tight genre spaces; fortunately for us, SkyLaw are not willing to be defined in the current state of any one dimension. They are themselves and yet bend and stretch into new boundaries. That is what makes them special as a collective. It is also what makes this track much more special.


SkyLaw take you on a heart-pumping, foot-tapping, finger-snapping, unbelievable, beyond amazing, magical musical adventure. Their never-ending excitement choruses, their quick-flow rap verses and their all-embracing music production, are all packed into this new track. I doubt whether even the shyest, most conservative listener, can stop themselves from shaking and grinding along to this high-energy, but smooth, easy-flowing song.

“Indigo” is pure genius! SkyLaw are musicians, which, sadly, is quite rare nowadays. They make deep, beautiful music, meant to touch every square inch of the soul, without ever forgetting to keep you moving your butt, along the way! And that is exactly what they have done here!

Layne, Reve Kalell, Nema Sobhani and Erik Martin are so versatile in style and so filled with rhythm and talent, you’ll be blown away. I have played “Indigo” countless times over the past week, and have no doubt in my mind that their music rides on pure talent, and not on business hype. And with the help of Chris Simmons they make really intense, fun and engaging videos too!


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