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The Florida artist, Slick E Miami is great rapper when it comes to flow, vibe and storytelling. Though to be fair, he hardly calls himself a rapper, claiming that his just writing stories through music. His voice, which is a growling roar, grooves and flows with the music, rather than just blares over it. His writing has become infinitely more entertaining, and he’s got the concept of pronouncing his words with a captivating nuance.

Slick E Miami’s success as a rapper is shining those strengths up to perfection. His music is almost always celebratory, and his tone within the music is perfect. His consistent anthemic attitude, and his inspiration to write groove-driven songs is applaudable. It certainly helps, as well, that the music he raps over is epic.

His knockout jam for the ladies, “I Can’t Text You”, which arrives just in time for the summer (depending on which side of the globe you’re on), is another welcome addition to Slick E Miami’s discography.

Slick shows that he has an exceptional ear for beats, and when his at his finest, like he is here, he can treat a beat as his own personal playground, always exerting control while twisting and turning on top of it.

What Slick E Miami does well, and what he does again on “I Can’t Text You”, is put together a track that fits him like a glove, and taken as a whole it’s impossible to call this anything other than a very good slow jam.

“I Can’t Text You” has a great feel to it, and deserves credit in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Slick E Miami’s aim is to make an entertaining banger you can ride to, and he succeeds at that. This thing bulges with a rich melody, a banging beat, and some ridiculous dirty rhymes about not being able text while driving, as Slick plans a night of passion, while the explicit metaphors run wild.

The instinctive balance Slick applies to his music, straddles the fine line between cunning wordsmith and strategic songwriter. “I Can’t Text You” is an exuberant record steeped in the classic Southern sound.

If the track’s production proves one thing, it’s that Slick E Miami has a foolproof ability to ride nearly every type of beat, making it sound memorable and epic. “I Can’t Text You” is far from the work of an artist resting on his laurels; instead, the genuinely polished and entertaining sound makes a compelling case for why we should be paying more attention to Slick E Miami.

Now I tried to find fault here, I really did, a handful of back to back listens to find some flaw that I could exploit, but I couldn’t. The production couldn’t be tighter, and the rhymes are on point. The groove is on fire, and will have you nodding to it, whether you want to or not. It’s an excellent song all round.


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