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Hailing from Perris, California, Vato Perro is an EDM artist who has set his sights high in the music industry, even creating a new space for the music he makes in a new genre called EDM Drill. “EDM Drill takes dark and heavy drums, similar to Chiraq’s Drill, and places them on top of melodic harmonies that are very bright and vivid, such as in EDM,” says Perro. Released in late April 2019, you can find Perro’s latest single, “/b/ is my hood homie homie bang that sh*t”, and previous work on all major digital stores. For those still unfamiliar with it, Drill music has been on the scene for years, but it has gradually become more mainstream.

The style originated in Chicago, in the US, as part of the hip-hop scene and is defined by its violent and often dark content. It focuses on crime and the daily ordeals those living on the street face. Why is it called drill music though? Well, drill is the slang word for the use of automatic weapons. The beat for the type of music tends to be slower in tempo, about 60 to 70 beats per minute.

Now Vato Perro takes Chicago’s polarizing sound with its machine-gun styled percussion and ominous chimes, adding warm string pads and shimmering pianos for a dramatically epic sound that is very cinematic.

I don’t  know if Perro explicitly identifies with the drill movement, but his music scratches the same primal itch as Chicago’s heyday drill used to, while bringing a wily, melodic energy to the music that’s unmistakably his own. On “/b/ is my hood homie homie bang that sh*t”, Perro has taken a sound that was once quintessentially Chicago and created something thrillingly new out of it, in his California setting.

If any up-and-coming music producer is ready to dramatically shake up contemporary EDM music from the bottom up, it’s Vato Perro, because he is taking the genre into untraveled territories. His, is a potential talent with some of the most inventive, defiant, and raw production you’ll hear anywhere.

If he wanted to, Perro has the chops and smarts to produce for both the big guns and the local talent, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does in the near future. While there’s no dearth of talent in the current international production music scene, Vato Perro sounds like one of the most promising with his EDM Drill style.

The track “/b/ is my hood homie homie bang that sh*t” completes the goal of showing that Vato Perro and his unique production style is here to stay, and also fully proves why everyone needs to get on board.

Doubling down on his chops, Perro shows us that there are still many fresh new avenues which EDM can travel down. This release is a welcome invitation to join the party and journey down that avenue with him.


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