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Soul Recruiter’s early teen years were spent in Mountain View, a neighborhood in northeast Anchorage, Alaska. Residing with his mom, a single parent who worked night shifts, enabled him to be out on the streets with no supervision. His brother a drug addict, he got introduced to selling crack cocaine at around 14 years old. The song “Streetz of AK” ft. Warren Young, covers his memories as a juvenile delinquent involved with drugs, guns, as well as motor cycle and car theft. A life he has since left far behind. There is a lot of debate on how urban music has changed in the last decade or so. On one hand, the artist has gained more control and can freely release music at a faster rate with less regulation from within the industry. Of course one major drawback to all this ‘musical freedom’, has been a question of quality control. Front-to-back, quality-filled recordings, in terms of lyrical content, production, and positive messages are a rarity these days. That’s where Soul Recruiter comes in.

A quick run through his catalog showcases how Soul Recruiter is setting a new bar for rappers in terms of quality and content. His album, “Gospel Bass, Vol.1: Ridin’ Music”, showed us he had an exceptional gift for conveying emotion through personal experience and spirituality.

Each track took that a bit further by upping the intensity even more and got people’s attention. His latest single “Streetz of AK” ft. Warren Young, feels like the same artist, but shows growth in almost every sense of the word.

Soul Recruiter rapping has gotten even better, his voice sounds strong, the song itself is even more memorable, the production quality is top notch, and there isn’t a weak element to be found here. Soul Recruiter has raised the quality bar for underground Hip Hop this year that will be hard to match.

You can tell that every moment on this song was thought about carefully and every decision was made intentionally. The storytelling, the messages contained within the reality of the wayward struggles, the melodic hook – all are fine-tuned to impact the listener.

You can listen to this one with your kids. This is a rap track with a twist. Most rappers curse so much you wouldn’t want to listen to them for five seconds let alone a whole track, or God forbid and entire album. This guy is different. He isn’t into the whole shocking language thing.

Soul Recruiter’s lyrics are thought-provoking and filled with words with meaning not just words of filth, to try and grab your attention. Furthermore, he’s utterly relentless in making you identify with all the emotions we can experience as humans.

This song is not only beautiful, but also extremely relevant. It shows the metamorphosis of what it’s like to move from an agitated street kid, to become an all-loving, faith-embracing adult. “Streetz of AK” ft. Warren Young is a great track that has a strong and clear message.  All I will say is listen to it from beginning to end and you’ll be floored by the all-round quality the entire way through. This guy is going places, and we love it!


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