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Born and raised in Upstate New York, singer-songwriter Stephen Babcock began writing songs as early as 13 years old, his musical fire fueled by a piano playing dad an older brother who was an avid music fan. Stephen recorded his first album “Said & Done”, after eight years of writing, touring and perfecting his craft. Soon after its release he took to the road again working his way across the United States. Blending Americana, southern rock, and indie folk, Stephen went on to release his acclaimed EP “Fiction”, in April 2018. Now after spending time writing between New York and Nashville, he has released his latest single, “Fight I Need”, which should be the first of a series of upcoming releases.

Stephen Babcock writes honest songs about life and certainly the kind of songs that strike a chord with those willing to listen. His songs are all personal to Stephen but like any good songwriter with the songs he writes, they take on new meanings to us — the listeners — too.

“Fight I Need”, is no different, as the songwriter uses acts of war as a metaphor for the fight for love. Stephan writes and sings songs that dance in your ears while the lyrics go straight for the heart. Case in point here.

I am obsessed with discovering the new ways that songwriters find to describe falling in love, being in love, wanting to love, etc. And Stephen Babcock, has found yet another ingenious way to do it. The track is almost tangible and you’ll find yourself struggling to describe the feeling but it holds your heart with care and refuses to let go, as Stephen finds the fight he needs.

He isn’t a household name just yet, but with the quality material he’s pushing out, he soon will be. Stephen’s rhythmic, and melodic phrasing stands out to me, as they almost feel acrobatic, going back and forth.

If turning on the radio today is a risky business for you, with all of the annoying pop songs and freaky type trap tunes, you should turn towards artists like Stephen Babcock in order to escape the annoyance.

The singer-songwriter brings a flare of pop-rock to his usual brand of Americana and Indie-Folk on “Fight I Need” that provides listeners with a unique way of jamming out not just to the rhythm of the song, but also allows them to connect to the lyrics at the same time. From the uplifting and powerful beat to Stephen’s infectious voice the track will draw listeners in.

From start to finish, “Fight I Need” will have you finding yourself tapping your foot, humming the tune and thinking back on past experiences of your own as you relate to Stephen’s.

At the end of the day, beyond the pull of the music, Stephen Babcock is a thoroughbred storyteller, which is at the core of any good singer-songwriters craft. Showing you exactly who he is right off the bat – no masks or gimmicks. “Fight I Need” is just that, showing who Stephen Babcock is.


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