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T-Kor is an urban artist from Queens, New York where he started rapping before he was barely in his teens. Influenced by a variety of legendary Hip-hop, Reggae and R&B artists, T-Kor has done showcases for Cash Money Records, G-Unit, Power1051 and Universal Records. Currently working on his second album, “Less Lies More Truth” set for a spring 2019 release, T-Kor has released the single “Gang Gang”, taken off the aforementioned upcoming album.

The beat and the overall sound on the single are just immaculate. The entire track is dripping with warm keys, soulful choruses, and heavy basslines. Clearly much time and effort was put into crafting the sound for this song, and the results really speak for themselves.

“Gang Gang” is not a revolutionary track in content, nor concept for that matter. Yet, instead of getting the same old tired beating of a drum alongside graphic depictions, we get something captivating. The melodic vocal style, the groove in the beat, and the smooth conversational tones are all totally ear-friendly.

This allows the listener to simply sit down, give this a spin, and enjoy some quality entertainment. T-Kor’s voice and harmonic style of creating music on “Gang Gang”, is of course, best served with a blunt and a brew, or two.

T-Kor is a mic manipulator if there ever was one. If you want to hear a classy chorus alongside some dope ass groovy rapping, listen to this song. In an age when cool topical hip-hop is scarce and fleeting, T-Kor delivers the goods. The song showcases the artist’s cleverly structured storytelling and open thinking, as well as his wordsmith skills.

But all in a composed, unflappable manner. You won’t find repetitive and monotonous wordplay here. But then again, throughout his discography, this dude has tackled many musical extremes with unflinching dexterity.

T-Kor’s focused composition makes for a highly unified style, and the track’s relaxed, smooth production is the aural equivalent of comfort food. T-Kor comes across as a chilled guy, the kind of rapper you’d want to hang out with.

The sound on “Gang Gang” represents a serious evolution from the more angst-filled and edgy debut album, “F.A.N.S (Fell a Nigga Struggle)”, released in 2016.  T-Kor has added a ton of listenable charm to his repertoire since. His introspective topics are humble and his attitude is too. It’s a rare thing to treasure in the age of self-proclaimed musical geniuses.

“Gang Gang” serves as a reminder of T-Kor’s standing as one of the more captivating artists in underground rap, and his ability to create tracks that play to his strengths while balancing cohesion and all his artistic skills.  “Gang Gang” is smooth rider music with smoky basslines, silky keys and enough groove to maintain your high.


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