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The 75th Mixtape?  Yes, you heard it right, that’s the title… “The 75th Mixtape” by UH OH. Huh? Yes, you heard right, ‘UH OH’.  So right of the blocks we’ve got a unique mixtape title, as well as an unusual moniker. Now the question is ‘does the music match the titling hype’? You bet your bottom dollar it does!

uh-oh-profile-2Once you hit play on the first track, “Run” Prod. by $uijin, you enter into the realm of the UH OH, and you’ll find him exactly where he should be, rapping with intelligence and maturity.

On one track he seems to be angry about something; then next thing you know he’s apologizing about this or that; then he’s wisecracking and making fun of somebody or something; next he’s pouring his heart out in an emotional epic. Regardless, every song on this recording is catchy and in a few cases just plain brilliant.

“Pressure” ft. Wess Musiq Produced by Muner Beats is the first track to take your breath away, and falls in that brilliant category. You’ll be in awe of the energetic flow and rhymes, as well as some of UH OH’s colorful explanations and descriptions of people, places and situations. And he does this over a slamming beat supported by a growling bassline.

Wess Musiq delivers a verse that fits the track like a glove and goes hand in hand with UH OH’s gravelly vocal tone.

uh-oh-350Another track in the ‘brilliant’ category has to be “The Feeling” ft. Danielle Mattachini and Produced by Lilvo On The Beat. This one’s a pure banger with Danielle laying down a catchy and melodic vocal hook. The lyrics are awesome, and so is the flowing fire UH OH brings to the track, but what I really love is that mesmerizing chorus.

This is one track you cannot, and should not skip on this mixtape. “Ridiculous” Produced by Suijin, is another showcase for UH OH’s aggressive vocal prowess, his personal rhyme scheme and the slicing edge of his punchlines. His flows actually ride the beats differently, and perfectly, on each song.

This is even more noticeable on the slow-burner, “Waves” Produced by Suijin.  UH OH’s lyrics are insane, both in content and in the way he rhymes his syllables.

UH OH’s raps with precision, skill and a wealth of substantial content, while the songs on “The 75th Mixtape” are pretty concise and none overstays their welcome. Hence you will never be tempted to skip any tracks. The mixtape shows everything rap is and can be in a fiercely unapologetic way. It features smashing beats with amazingly raw, heartfelt, and soulful lyrics.


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