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Voyce Butler was born in Chicago IL. The army veteran has been singing since 6 years old, and through all the ups and downs of life, has been on his grind to improve his craft, create his own lane, and consolidate a career in music. Currently Voyce is flying high with his single release “Stay”.

It’s a tough world out there for what’s considered R&B. We dwell in a social media-driven society with tiny attention spans and no patience for jams that need to unfold in a slow burn. To stay in the mix, artists have to walk a tightrope, carrying their skills in one hand and enough hyped trickery in the other to maintain their appeal with both classic and the contemporary fans.

Thanks to his ability to fend off the competition with the various weapons in his artistic arsenal – voice, lyrics, storytelling, and the skill to transmit emotion, Voyce Butler puts himself in the conversation and seriously vies for a spot on current urban music playlists.

“Stay” reflects an artist well-aware of his strengths and comfort zones, with that in mind, Voyce can pour on the romantic sweetness, and tug on the heartstrings for another chance on “Stay”.

The track finds Voyce Butler begging the love of his life to come back and stay, as he lays out all the positive reasons of why that should be the case. The singer succeeds in being utterly convincing, utilizing his rich, inviting voice to great effect. Whenever someone is talking about staying together, and doing whatever it takes to remain intact as a unit, they are definitely creating the type of music that needs to be celebrated.

Despite being absolutely contemporary, the song has that classic R&B flavor with audible sprinkles of soul music. All of which makes “Stay” an infectious track that highlights the thoughtfulness of the production, as well as Voyce Butler’s ability to command a track.

“Stay” is honest, it’s powerful and most of all, it has a lot of soul. You can really sense the deep and enormous heart Voyce Butler gives in this track. Voyce clearly wants everybody to understand what true artistry is, and wants the world to open up their hearts to R&B again. If “Stay” doesn’t do that, I don’t know what will.

This is a monster of a track, because it is consistent, in every aspect. Every message can be heard. Every feeling can be felt. The progression in this song is mesmerizing too. The slow piano, the thumping drum, and the vocal that grows more powerful and haunting.

It prompts us once again that Voyce Butler is trying to remind people what real R&B is. Moreover, on “Stay”, he explores the purity of love, the search for empathy and compassion, as well as the forgiveness needed for growth. The song has such a relatable message that it forces the audience to listen to what Voyce Butler singing about.


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