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Words have a hard time coming together to describe just how amazing the new single “The Teenage Lady Killer” (prod. by Johnny G) by Wreck The Rebel is. The lyrics are solid and the writing style alone is worth accolades but the music is so well composed and the entirety of these elements, so well put together, that if you don’t hear this a few times, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The way the song expresses its story-line will keep you entranced for the whole run time. Co-Founder of KonQuest Now – Producer and Recording artist, Wreck The Rebel, has been featured on various collaborations and mixtapes throughout the Bay Area, Kansas, LA and Arizona. His quick wit, contagious personality and genuine personality has sparked various Media and Internet interviews and networking opportunities.

Not being tied to any mainstream label, Wreck The Rebel genuinely uses his creative freedom to create the fantastic, and on “The Teenage Lady Killer” he succeeds, with a peak, a stand-alone track. There really is no doubt that this is an ambitious project.

The psychedelic production, the tribute-styled writing about the importance of our loved ones, coincide to create a smooth but emotional listening experience for hip-hop fans. To listen to the music is to submerge yourself in an actual stream of consciousness, with no thought left unsaid.

Provocation is built into the lyrics’ openness, and it understandably becomes the defining element. Analysis and scrutiny is unleashed in the hope of better understanding our instinctive priorities.

Here Wreck The Rebel achieves a new level of romantic comprehension and it’s a marvel how coy he is about that discovery. The writing here is extensive and forthright, full of honest exclamations, straightforward language, and outright statements.

Wreck The Rebel’s production has always been steady and confident, but here it’s more pointed, compacted into a shifty composition that contracts and expands in tight sequence with the vocals.

This record is less about rejecting or accepting a given situation, and more about living and loving through self-expression. And here Wreck The Rebel finds the right words to articulate and express his convictions, as the track concerns itself with relationships in interesting ways – how we find them, how we keep them, and ultimately how we lose them. Presumably his handing out just as much warnings as he is accolades.

Overall, “The Teenage Lady Killer” (prod. by Johnny G) is an impressive single that sees an artist who has always done things on his own terms, continue to do so. Wreck The Rebel once again shows on this track that he’s an important player in the underground hip-hop industry.


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