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Award-winning gospel singer Zachariah D Landry aka Zack Landry returns with another praise and worship infused anthem, entitled “Hold On”. The track, firmly establishes Landry as one of the preeminent worship promotors on the scene, once again showcasing his ability to perfectly curate a song that evokes corporate and personal communion with God, while simultaneously continuing in the vain of reaching across the faith-based genre borders, in an even larger movement to unite and desegregate the body of Christ. And he has good reason to do so.

Zack Landry has seen and experienced a lot in his lifetime. The Louisiana artist has faced several challenges throughout his life including being displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. These challenges, however, only fortified and strengthened Landry’s faith. He began playing piano and organ at the age of 15, and started composing Christian songs. In 2015, Zack was the winner of the Rhythm of Gospel Best Contemporary Artist. In 2016, he won the NOLA Award for Best Contemporary Artist, and was well on his way to making a serious impression.

Zack Landry’s immense vocal dynamics combined with sincere, passionate worship-leading, make it easy to see why he will quickly become a household name in Christian music. The sound presented here on “Hold On”, could be described as Gospel meets contemporary worship, meets rhythm and blues, meets fusion.

Zack Landry strikes a balance between the intricate chords and huge choirs that make gospel music beloved, while still keeping the song accessible enough for the average listener to sing along with from the first listen.

Landry lights up the recording with charisma, and the simmering energy of this song is infectious and makes it near impossible to remain still while listening. His vocal talent gets an ample chance to shine throughout, and shine it does. If you’ve never been introduced to the enthusiastic sound of Zack Landry, “Hold On” will give you a good sample of what he’s all about. In this time of crisis and trouble, it’s a timely reminder of the truth of God’s love.

“Hold On” is undeniably one of the most sensational and anointed songs the gospel music sphere has seen in a while. From a lyrical standpoint, the song is simple and easy to understand as they speak straight to the heart of God’s goodness and unchanging love, especially when you feel like you’ve been left behind and can’t complete your journey. Each line is coated in rich melody which encourages the listener, stirring up their faith and a deep sense of wonder.

Zack Landry’s approach to his music demonstrates how thin the stylistic line is between Gospel and other popular contemporary music styles. Moreover his vigor and praise propulsion will definitely appeal to a wide audience.

Spiced-up studio work keep energy levels up whilst Landry’s team ensures that this is a highly polished affair with big sounds, tender moments, rich female backing vocals and Zack Landry’s own soulful vocal delivery allowing “Hold On” to be presented in the best light.


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