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After realizing that his music can also heal, High Desert artist Astrow finally decided to put a song together for his mother. His new single “I Pray” is now available on all streaming platforms!

“Now this was a tough one! Huge thanks to my wife, because she reminded me that music can also help heal. I normally write fun songs, so this one was definitely different for me. I came across this beat while scrolling through a list of others and I just knew once I heard it play that I had to purchase it.

“It honestly took me a very long time to approve the idea of this song and I also feel like I’ve thought of the concept before but I guess the topic for me was just so challenging that I always avoided it, explains Astrow.

“I’m very happy that I wrote it. I felt like I needed to, because every time that I felt like not doing it, I would later think of it over and over till I finally agreed. I think building this song helped me a lot and I really, really, really appreciate all the love from my awesome fans, thank you!” concluded Astrow.


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