Big Sailor Baby – ‘I Bet I Can’ represents his out-going energy as a person and an artist

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Based in Miami, FL, Big Sailor Baby is a dynamic and passionate independent artist/songwriter/producer with 10 years of experience. Specializing in genres: Hip-hop, Pop, Hyper-pop, Rap, Afro beats, Trap, R&B and Dancehall. My personal background around music began in elementary school participating in band class and choir concerts and continued until graduation 2014.

In 2014 I began my journey to learn everything about mixing and mastering so that I can produce my own music sessions and since then I been pushing my career forward, playing some free venues, doing small TV extra work for John Leguizamo in ‘Critical Thinking’ which I am featured with other students on the cover in a purple shirt.

I would like to get more marketing to collaborate with more like minded artists or potential industry professionals. My newest single represents my out-going energy as a person and not just an artist. The title of my song is clever because it represents the answer to the question I ask in the hook of my song.


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