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Growing up AlexxMarie could be found sing and dancing around the house, but her passion and love for music really began to flourish when got her first guitar. The pop artist with a country-folk twist quickly began writing songs and performing locally. Currently she is promoting her latest single “Southern Belle”. AlexxMarie goes deep with her lyrics and music, oscillating between pop, country and even a bit of folk. The jangling bluesy southern rock instrumental is complemented by the singer’s distinctive vocals and ear-worm hooks, which erupts into a slow-burn of soulful euphoria filled with warm keys and moody slide guitars.

For the most part, the elegant melody, gritty production and, crucially, AlexxMarie’s songwriting and lyricism pushes the momentum of this song forward. In fact, it’s the songstress’ vivid storytelling that makes “Southern Belle” such an engaging listen. Running through her catalog, this facet is a keystone in her music, and her discography twinkles with gems which are heightened by her relatable narratives.

“Southern Belle” is infused with this sort of storytelling. “I bet you always knew we would end this way. I trusted you but I just got played. I’m getting sick and tired. Look at what destruction inspired.” The song feels fresh, forward-thinking and, most of all, honest. It’s the sound of an artist who is unafraid to let her feelings out to hang and dry.

AlexxMarie is clearly a unique crossover talent, her single does not veer into the sort of trap that many younger artists tend to fall into, in that their pop-heavy arrangements and glossy production lend themselves to sound like, and perhaps too much so, some of the most  prominent artists currently topping the charts. AlexxMarie lyrical creations and vocals, however, are tremendously helpful in defining her music aside from the slick but gritty production standards.

The dynamic “Southern Belle” offers bold, to-the-point lyrics about crossing the end of the friendship line, back-dropped by slow-burning musical flourishes. There’s plenty else here suggesting AlexxMarie has a vision all her own.

Her ability to twist common phrases into something both belittling and self-empowering, is as refreshing as it is admirable. She’s carving her own path in a genre that seems to elegantly bridge the gap between country and pop.

From my perspective, this single is a flawless display of poised artistry and songwriting, AlexxMarie has a vision for her music and she has brought that to fruition on “Southern Belle”.

She has taken much of the pop sensibilities accumulated through her previous releases and manages to straddle the bridge between country and pop, almost perfectly. I cannot stress more that the magic of AlexxMarie’s songwriting is in turning the most relatable, smaller moments into clever phrasing and lyricism.

“Southern Belle” encapsulates all the qualities that make AlexxMarie special — she’s intelligent in her writing, clever with her words, and has a swagger in her mellifluous singing to match. All of this contributes to this dynamic release that sets the stage for a bright future that AlexxMarie is bound to build on her own terms.


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