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From critically-acclaimed singles, and chart-topping songs, to Grammy-Award considered music, the EP “2020 Vision” plays out like a greatest hits compilation by Kevin Gullickson and his Radio Drive project. The sound quality on this recording is astonishing – no detail has been overlooked. There is an excellent balance of the instruments, a wide variety of tone colors, and not the least bit in the way of compression or excessive bombast. This is a warm and natural-sounding recording. As with all things Kevin touches, the production is once again outstanding. It is a sonic treat that must be experienced with a good set of headphones. Bottom line is this EP ranks up with the very best song collections that Radio Drive has ever put together.

Ultimately, “2020 Vision” is the answer to all those who complain that “music isn’t what it used to be” – and yes, I often include myself in that category. Beautifully paced, thoughtful and haunting lyrics, superb arrangements, a complete lack of vocal or instrumental histrionics, while remaining captivating and technically superb throughout.

Radio Drive’s music is so detailed and layered you can constantly discover more beauty and depth on each subsequent listen. I came to this new EP after discovering all of these songs previously. I cannot turn them off, the songs are pervasive ear worms, and like any fantastic art, once you key into Kevin Gullickson’s style there’s nothing close to it.

To enjoy “2020 Vision”, you need to sit down in your easy chair and relax, close your eyes and let the music sink it. It is not your usual piece of thumping alternative rock, ready to be devoured and enjoyed. It will ask for your attention first, and only then will it deliver.

Frankly, this time “Borders” (2020 Remix), which has been reworked, really got my attention straight from the start. It is an amazing production: The crystal clear and crisp style used to structure and produce the track, perfectly aligned to the overdriven guitar theme and overall mood of the record is mind-boggling. It is the hallmark of stellar musicianship to reimagine a tune in this way.

Lush and endlessly sweeping in its vocal and instrumental arrangement, the award-winning “Footsteps” (2020 Remix) has also been reworked from the original, and the end result is just as stunningly impactful as the opening track.

Kevin Gullickson is a man who appears to have become less willing to compromise on the records he makes, meaning that he has a substantially powerful vision of his music. His ear, and talent for capturing and enhancing his song’s best elements are again evident on the hand-clapping euphony of “Moving On” (2020 Remastered), and the more intimate and chart-topping “Sweet Thing” (2020 Remastered).

Kevin Gullickson loves the combination of story and music, and Radio Drive fully captures that amalgam on “Humanity” (2020 Remastered), produced by the legendary Stuart Epps, which is bathed in luscious harmonies, and inspiring lyricism.

The song builds with a combination of sprawling orchestration and gorgeous vocal melodies. For those of us who now know the track inside out, the highlights come thick and fast on multi-chart-topper, “A Taste Of Heaven” (2020 Remastered) produced by Chris Garcia, whose credits include Adele and Katy Perry.

“2020 Vision” captures Kevin Gullickson’s most intricate and catchy songwriting to date. The EP ultimately stands as one of Radio Drive’s most cohesive, engaging, and fascinating collective records yet.

It’s one of the finest examples thus far of Gullickson’s brilliant pop, rock and alternative songwriting sensibilities. Kevin Gullickson and Radio Drive is an artist whose musical instincts, and ingrained ability to produce top tier records, almost on command, can be implicitly trusted.



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